Hi all-

Just a quick note to let you know that our Christmas dreams came true and our ransom has been met! Look for full readings of The Picture in the House and From Beyond this February. Thanks so much to everybody who donated!

Hope everybody had a fantastic conclusion to 2010. We’ll be back on the airwaves on January 13th with the first part of The Dunwich Horror!

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  • Bassik on

    Very cool everybody! And I hope everyone had a fun new year’s eve.
    Guess I’ll be taking a lot of hikes into the hills in anticipation for the next podcast, then…

  • Andy Tong on

    Happy New Year, guys. I hope it’ll be a great year for all involved with the HP PODCRAFT.

  • Storheil on

    Happy New Year!!I hope you will bring us much unnamable horror haha,I mean of course the great great podcast!

  • Lisa on

    Hey guys, Happy New Year and all that. I wanted to tell you about a Nayrlathotep commission sketch I did yesterday:

    I wanted to post it on your forums, but your registration process defeated me. I failed like 6 times, different reasons every time. Ease up on it, huh?

  • Ruth on

    So glad we’ve ransomed it! πŸ™‚

  • Jeff on

    Great news, and a very happy new year to you both.
    Can’t wait for the Dunwich horror….One of my absolute favorites.

  • Reber Clark on

    A belated Happy New Year!

  • Mirko Stauch on

    A bit late, but from the depth of my heart: a happy new year. I can’t wait to hear from you πŸ˜‰

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