This week we get stoned with HPL and Hazel Heald – it’s The Man of Stone!

Thanks to Brother VooDoo for sending in the readings!

Despite what we say in this episode – we’ve JUST REACHED OUR RANSOM! Thanks so much to everybody who donated! We’re gonna get into the studio and start cranking out some Cthulhu Magic!

In two weeks: The Horror in the Museum


22 Responses to Episode 93 – The Man of Stone

  1. The server seems . . . s l o o o o o w w w w w……

  2. Keith McCaffety says:

    I’m glad you guys liked this story, cause I sure did!

  3. William Bielski says:

    The music at the beginning sounds like Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Great episode.

  4. Danny says:

    I wanted to like this story, so so much. It just didn’t come to a good enough conclusion for me But hey, what do I know! Great show guys!

  5. Michael Bryan Walt says:

    Another well done podcast, guys. And, a great big “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHAD!!”

  6. Devon says:

    There’s a ‘stone gun’ featured in several of Charles Stross’ Lovecraftian spy thriller Laundry novels. His books are mostly in the creative commons now and are freely available online. Ch-check it out.

  7. Odilius Vlak says:

    Lord Tsathoggua!…Brother VooDoo seemed like a dying man ditating his will.
    A love triangle!… That’s not Lovecraft of course, no matter how interesting it may be.
    But all in all… great guys! By the way, I invite all of you to read my homage to the Master. It is a prose poem entitled: «The Eden of H. P. Lovecraft». Get into that paradise through the gateway of my pen name.

  8. Grandpa Theobald says:

    All around great show; and the story sounds good, too! ^_^ But, upon searching My Cthulhu Mythos Encyclopedia I can’t find a damn thing about the Emanation from Yoth. O_O And I really wanna know what it is, because I remember Yoth from “The Mound”!!

  9. In Pearsall’s “The Lovecraft Lexicon” Yoth is listed as being mentioned in “The Whisperer in Darkness” as a red-litten secret world under the earth’s surface.

  10. Cambias says:

    I’ve often wondered what Lovecraft’s ghost-writing clients thought of seeing their vague ideas for ghost stories turned into Cthulhu Mythos tales. I guess if you’re hiring a ghost-writer you can’t complain if it’s not what you intended, but I wonder if any of them muttered about “I just wanted an edit job, not all these tentacles and funny names.”

  11. Phil says:

    Happy Birthday Chad!

  12. Mad Dan says:

    Great episode. A welcome break from my stone gun R&D. Having problems with the time delay on the effect. Still hope to present prototype to DARPA early next year.

  13. Sam says:

    Great stuff fellas. While reading this story, I also definitely thought it would make for a cool cinematic adaptation. …But then I vaguely remembered this episode of “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” about some realistic stone statues.

    Although it isn’t exactly an adaptation of “The Man of Stone” and Lovecraft/Heald is not credited in the show – I think it’s pretty dang obvious that the episode was HEAVILY inspired by this story, and ‘stole’ from it as well. There’s even a character named Henry (the guy who discovered the statues here), water that turns people to stone, and a love triangle (er, square). …It’s on youtube:


  14. Genus Unknown says:

    Cambias: Yeah, that seems to be how HPL handled all his revisions. Hell, the originals plans for “The Curse of Yig” didn’t even feature Yig.

    I like to imagine HPL sending back manuscripts with just the words “where’s all the f*cking monsters?!” scribbled in red ink in the margins.

  15. Henry says:

    Another great episode, chaps!
    I’ve tried getting some background on Hazel Heald and so far she’s proven to be elusive.
    But as soon as I heard about the liquid that turns living things to stone and a love triangle I thought of the Robert W. Chambers story ‘The Mask’. Given Lovecraft’s feelings on that book it might, just might have been his addition to the tale.

  16. Alex M says:

    Found a picture of .

  17. M David Cox says:

    Maybe it was a sonic transducer. Oh, Rocky!

  18. Andres says:

    Where do I get the music that was played over the spoken portions of the story? I really liked it!

  19. Peter Tupper says:

    While I appreciate the work that went into producing this episode, the story is a dog, so to speak.

    It’s lacking the sense of mystery and a larger world that Lovecraft does so well. Instead of alluding to dark, hidden, inhuman forces, we get a detailed account of how and why everything happened. Case closed.

    Petty human concerns, like love triangles, rarely factor into Lovecraft’s fiction either.

    I suspect that Heald wrote an outline and hired Lovecraft to write it, and while there are Lovecraftian touches, the core of the story is too foreign to the rest of his work. LINO (Lovecraft In Name Only)

  20. Akeel Ahmad says:

    Nice episode, good story but the reader kind of ruined it for me – sorry.

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