The Temple. Read by Andrew Leman.

Music and production by Chad Fifer. Recorded at Rocketwerks in Santa Monica, CA.

Thanks to everybody who contributed to make this production possible!

Watch this space for info for how to listen live and chat for our upcoming LIVE show, April 4nd!

Art by Keith McCaffety


22 Responses to Reading 8 – The Temple

  1. Odilius Vlak says:

    Lovecraft + Andrew Leman + a teutonic subject matter = a fantastic mythic experience.

    Yog-Sothoth über alles!!!

  2. Reber Clark says:

    Great job guys! Andrew’s voice and Chad’s music work so well together. The poster looks fantastic – I love it. Why hasn’t somebody made this into a live action short? It’s crying out for it!

  3. Genus Unknown says:

    Andrew Leman could probably make Twilight sound good. It might make an interesting experiment to have him read a few paragraphs over some eerie ambient music.

  4. Reber Clark says:

    I would rather he read the phone book.

  5. Ian says:

    Now this is why I donated. The Temple is easily in my top 5.

  6. BenMech says: is not reading the metadata in this episode/reading/file . . . But then, has no standard artist entry for the podcast with always changing artist name tags.

  7. PRV says:

    Thers is movie version, it’s called “Below”, written by Darren Aranofsky but he should credit HPL as a co-writter.

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  9. Shoggoth Lord says:

    Awesome reading, Guys. But I thought the live show was on the Third or Fourth. O_O

  10. Reber Clark says:

    The official poster read the 4th of April. I don’t know why they wrote the 2nd here.

  11. Al Bruno III says:

    Andrew Leman: slightly more than a reader, slightly less than a god!

  12. Shoggoth Lord says:

    Thank You, Reber! I couldn’t double-check, being at Hardee’s working and all. ^_^

  13. Awesome poster. I look forward to the readings and podcasts!

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  15. hppodcraft says:

    It is the 4th. Will update.

  16. Thanks for using my art, Chad! I drew this WAY back when you reviewed The Temple. I’ve been a listener since near the beginning!

  17. Reber Clark says:

    “April 4nd!” I love that.

  18. This reading is grand. Many thanks to Andrew and the Podcraft crew! On my fifth listen now, and counting :)

  19. Steven K says:

    the reading was well done, as per usual, keep up the amazing work. as others have commented as well, the poster is also great. you should produce a wall-sized, physical poster, i’d buy one.

  20. RS says:

    “Engineers Rob and Schneider…”

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  22. Mramos510 says:

    Best episode ever! The read and music added so much to this one. Well done!

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