So if you can’t make it to Leeds, you can listen in and chat!

On Wednesday April 4th at 19:00 (7:00 PM) GMT (That’s England time) go to this site…

Click on the radio picture and a new window will pop up and press play. Only 250 listeners at a time, so tune in early!

Now if you want to interact with us during the show, you need to be logged into YSDC and then click on the chat room link at the top of the site.

Sign up on the Yog-Sothoth site early to make sure you have all your log-in business squared away!

We’ll be discussing The Challenge from Beyond! So be ready!


29 Responses to Live Show April 4th details!

  1. Shoggoth Lord says:

    By the way, this may be a stupid question but I’ve been meaning to ask, is there a difference in dates between the U. S. and jolly ol’ England? Because I’d like to know if the show’s happening on what would be My Tuesday.

  2. Reber Clark says:

    2PM Central Daylight Time (US)

  3. Shoggoth Lord says:

    I know the time difference. What I don’t know is if They’re a day ahead of Us because of the International Dateline. O_O

  4. Reber Clark says:

    I bleeve the International Date Line is in the Pacific. Greenwich is 6 hours ahead of us here in the sleepy midwest of Amerikay. Figuring in Daylight Saving Time that makes it 2pm of the same day here. Hope that helps. Don’t know why they put April 2nd on a previous post, however, Probably a Mi-Go in the works.

  5. The Dunwich Whotsit says:

    Man, I hope I can listen in!

    But will you guys be recording it and uploading it the site afterwards? I’m sure there’s a ton of people out there who can’t make it or listen in.

  6. Ian says:

    Er, aren’t we on BST now in England making this 6pm GMT if you’re starting at 7?

  7. indigoo says:

    Love the poster, beautiful. Really looking forward to this, I hope it happens to get recorded for those that don’t make the 250 cutoff…

  8. Reber Clark says:

    Well darn it…I did not know about British Summer Time! So would that make it 1PM in the Midwest of America? Geez I hope this all gets figured out. I have no idea now. I suppose I will start trying to listen at 1PM CDT.

  9. Ian says:

    Heh. I know that unknowable things are a staple of Lovecraft but the date and time are kinda important.

  10. Mats Sjöberg says:

    The Travelling Man web site talks about 7 PM, so it’s presumably local time (GMT+1). You can convert the time with, e.g.:

  11. Reber Clark says:

    Just in on Facebook today: from Chad Fifer – 1PM CDT (Central Daylight Saving Time).

    1PM 1PM 1PM 1PM 1PM 1PM 1PM 1PM CDT.


  12. Erica says:

    I start work at 1! Curses, foiled again! *shakes fist at uncaring cosmos* But really, I hope this is uploaded later on. I’d love to listen!

  13. Paul Maclean says:

    Twitter hashtag for the event tonight is:


  14. Dave says:

    A little off topic, but this thought came to me while listening: Someone needs to make a Lovecraft rap album called “The Shadow Out Of Rhyme”

  15. Guaka says:

    That was fantastic. More live shows!

  16. Scott of the Abyss says:

    Great job, guys! I had a blast listening in. I especially enjoyed the reflection on best/worst stories so far. I have to admit, The Street is one of my favorite episodes to go back and listen to just for the cracks and revulsion.

  17. Daniel Smith says:

    Just got back from the live show. I didnt get to have drinks with the guys at Fab Cafe afterwards, but when it gets put up you guys are in for a treat. It was a real pleasure to have been there and the guys were amazing. Thanks a lot for a good evening!

  18. Chris says:

    The show was terrific! Absolutely great to be there in person, room had a nice atmosphere and mesmerised by Andrew Leman’s reading voice. Great tech support from Paul and Corin.
    It will stand tall in our memories!

  19. Mike Davey says:

    Thanks for last night, guys.
    Enjoyed every minute, and great finally meeting you.
    Here’s to the next one……

  20. Marcus Good says:

    man, completely forgot (in my defence, my car got stolen, and I’ve been preoccupied getting it back, insurance, etc.) Looking forward to hearing a replay!

  21. ShoggothLord says:

    That was quite nice. ^_^ I was expecting the Interweb Listeners to play a slightly larger role in the show, though. By the way, have any of You Guys (Fifer, Lackey, Leman, Maclean ((Awesome Names!))) read Thom Ryng’s “The King in Yellow”? I got and read it just Two days before the live event, and I’m already going a little kooky! XD It’s worth a read!

  22. Joseph McKenna says:

    Bah! I was at work.. any word if the recording is going to be hosted somewhere?

  23. T. Kelly Lee says:

    The recording MUST be released or you shall face the DOOM That Came to East Moline.

  24. from Chris Lackey on Twitter:

    #podcraftlive will be re-played over the next few weeks on our regular feed @HPPodcraft

  25. Adam says:

    What do you mean by the regular feed? The yog sothoth radio streaming thing? Sorry if I’m confused by the obvious. Is there a link?

  26. hppodcraft says:

    When Chris says the regular feed, he means that the show will be posted as regular episodes of our podcast over the next couple of weeks. Here, on (or iTunes or the feed you regularly use to listen). Look for it this Thursday!


  27. Adam says:

    Ahhh! Ok Thanks Chad, I obviously was confused. I can’t see the forest through those trees.

  28. The Dunwich Whotsit says:

    Gods be priased! It is being posted on the site!
    I hope you’s aren’t editing it down, it’d be great to hear the thing the way it was. To have the pseudo-experience of being there, you know?

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