It’s our thrilling conclusion to The Great God Pan!

Special thanks to reader Andrew Leman – don’t forget to pick up the new Dark Adventure Radio Theatre presentation of The Call of Cthulhu!

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Next up, The Willows!


4 Responses to Episode 133 – The Great God Pan – Part 4

  1. Ordinary Old One says:

    no open-access show in a month?i guess you’re really serious about this subscription malarkey

  2. Chad fifer says:

    We’re doing a live show this week, sucka.

  3. Lemuel Gonzalez says:

    I read this book as a young man and fell in love with it. I thought it was exciting and the situations weird and suggestive. I understand that it’s not for all tastes and glad that you brought in the idea that it’s conclusions are dependent on a particular outlook, in this case, Machen’s religion.

  4. Ghooric says:

    Just discovered this and thought I would mention my amateur translation of the Nodens inscription:

    “Here Flavius Senilis vomited after seeing the marriage beneath the shade.” Not really accurate, but I thought it was apt.

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