Episode 251 – The Ghosts of the Future

Join us as we cover The Ghosts of the Future by W.J. Clinton! It’s a weird one!

Special thanks to reader Jon Hancock!

Fifer’s soundtrack to The Call of Cthulhu RPG is now available: SENSE-IMPACTS – pick it up! As always, soundtracks from the podcast are available here.

Next week: The Wind in the Portico by John Buchan.

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  • Uncaring Cosmos on

    I’m really interested in this one, but the link to the text points to a Showbiz Pizza Place Commercial from 1983 on YouTube.

    Is this a really cruel April Fool’s? πŸ™‚

  • Uncaring Cosmos on

    Ahahahahahaha. You bastards.

  • Uncaring Cosmos on

    P.S. Nicely played, gentlemen.

  • Jim on

    “LaRou Hall was destroyed in a rock-and-fire explosion”


  • Ryan Dawson on

    I came here to playfully comment that the author of this story apparently predicted the existence of Chuck E. Cheese.

    I completely bought that it was a real story until I tried to click the link.

    You bastards.

  • hecto castro on

    You bastardos, I was doo creeper out by the story and excited, I even told my wife about it when, and then find out it was a joke , it was a good story and a creepy one too , thanks for reliving my nightmares, damming showbiz pizza

  • William Hobbs on

    Nice. I totally fell for it. Love the show guys.

  • Yrvi on

    πŸ˜€ You must have been so surprised that so many of us fell for it! I thought it was a little bit more,.. jocular than usual, but yeah, I bought it too! Thank’s for a wonderful prank!

  • Yrvi on

    Relistening to it, and it’s so obvious! πŸ™‚

  • Rick on

    Sounded legit to me, at least no more far-fetched than some of the other short stories that have been on the show. Well done.

  • Todd on

    Nice one, you creeps! In hindsight if this was a real story I think Chris would have made a bigger stink over how horrible the ending was.

  • W.M. Bartleman on

    I thought this was great and you guys had some real quotable lines from what you wrote for this. Great job. Wish I was a little more caught up on my podcast feeds – it didn’t even register with me that it was for April Fools at first.

  • John on

    Catching up on pdcasts a month late… and you got me. Amazingly well done! I was completely into it until the very end.

  • Ethan C. on

    Wow…I didn’t get this until right now. Note the date I’m posting. Nicely done. Wow, I even told that story about you searching for the author ‘W J Clinton’ to my wife, believing it to be true. Wow.

  • Jacob K. on

    a year later and you are still getting people with this. I had a very serious conversation with my wife about how fucked in the head accurate this writer was. Bravo gentlemen bravo.

  • Jeff C. on

    I know what you did last April 1st.

  • Nadia V on

    Omg, I took it for a real story, I thought it was totally crazy. I even skipped it the first time, I was like, not more of those types of stories.
    Eating cheese like little mice should had told me something.
    I’ve no idea what these kinds of chain restaurants are, it did sound like a weird depressing future.
    I love how serious Jon Hancock said the last lines, in my second hearing it’s comedy gold.

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