Transreality 2: New Worlds

Just letting you folks know that I’m trying to Kickstart my second graphic novel, Transreality: New Worlds.

Transreality: New Worlds is a graphic novel about a 21st century man exploring a post-singularity, transhuman universe.

With this new book, Transreality: New Worlds, we’ll follow James, Soni and Alexis as they move out of their know home reality and into the realms of splinter societies that range from the mundane to totally bizarre. James searches to find what happened to his children who lived through extreme societal changes, but will he find a place with them for himself?

Transreality: New Worlds explores more of the possibilities of a Transhuman world, where people are no longer bound by their physical needs and are able to become whatever they want. But what are we if we are not bound by limitations? Is this a good thing? These and many other questions will be explored in this full-colour, 128 page, soft-cover graphic novel.

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