Episode 306 – The Other Side

Werewolf History May marches on to The Other Side by Count Eric Stanislaus Stenbock!

Thanks to reader Greig Johnson – co-creator of From Beyond the Beyond!

Our subscription site is still down with some database issues – we’re doing our best to get it fixed up promptly. In the meantime, enjoy this free episode!

Next week: Wolfshead by Robert E. Howard!

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  • Sellers Burgener on

    Incoherent but very picturesque. This would probably make an amazing short film adaptation.

  • wreade1872 on

    Wasn’t this a full movie ie The Village by m night shyamalan .
    With the boundaries and the wrong color flower, and the he’s not like other children etc. etc.

  • Oliver Mende on

    Thanks for making these available for non-subscribers!
    I dont have money atm, can´t even subscribe to the show, so thank you guys! Your content is just AMAZING! 🙂

  • Graphophobic on

    Just a little note since you didn’t mention it in the show: The blue flower is a very common symbol/trope in (German) Romanticism. It is usually associated with the desire for something other that is diametrically opposed to the sort of smug self-satisfaction of the average citizen the Romantics were so appalled by. So the whole point of the story (even the title) is pretty much condensed in this one central symbol.

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