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  • rory on

    just wanted you guys to take a look at this lovecraft inspired anime short, features a lot of references, its fantastic it even has our favorite fiddler

  • rory on

  • Erik Weissengruber on

    Hi HPL Literary Podcast. The political satire podcast has done a bizarre mashup of Cthulhu Mythos, The CoC Role Playing Game, and the insane Pizzagate conspiracy making the rounds of the media. It is one of their premium Patreon episodes, but a preview is available. Also, on an earlier episode, one of the writers asserted the superiority of CoC to D&D. Even travesty is one way of circulating the myth.

  • Erik Weissengruber on

    Oops. Links —
    Free preview:
    The full episode:

  • Glenn Queen on

    A highlighted Login button on the Home Page would be much appreciated.

  • John Dutemple on

    Just discovered the podcast on TTBOOK and am only up to Ep. 14: The Street. Agreed – God awful story, but if no one has solved the ‘Tall Beaver’ mystery for you, they’re hats. To see Ben Franklin in one click here:

  • Monica on

    Hey there, was curious if you guys will be attending necrocomicon providence this year or not? Thanks!

  • Judy Oxford on

    Hi Guys, My husband (Sky Oxford) is a subscriber and so I get to vicariously enjoy your podcast. I really do, in fact we are currently enjoying Dracula month… and your dramatic reading was sooo awesome! Made us both belly laugh! So, how can I donate in an ongoing way?

  • AThomason on

    I’ve recently had an idea for a game series (sort of a PC puzzle sort of thing) which would reference a multitude of stories by different writers, but the overall setting throughout all the games would be in a Lovecraft inspired universe (a detective agency set up in Innsmouth and whatnot). I’m far a long ways from getting the ball rolling on this project, and so I was wondering if you had any input to give this? Any dos or don’ts you feel worth mentioning.

  • Travis Fletcher on

    Fantastic! I was very happy to stumble upon this site. Your voice talents are incredible in the readings. Can we get more full readings? I just subscribed. Always willing to help the cause for fellow Lovecraftian’s.

  • Matthew on

    Just wondering if you subscribe do you get access to listen to past subscription only episodes?

  • Tony Ciak on

    The William Hope Hodgson other story you referred to was “The Voice in the Night”. There was a movie made of it, “The Attack of the Mushroom People” reference :

  • Eric Braun on

    Where can we find the full version of that amazing Never Ending Story remix played at the end of the Day of the Dragon episode? I haven’t been able to stop listening to it! Thanks, fellas!

  • Tony Ciak on

    Have a T-shirt that says:
    “I found the I in TEAM,
    it’s in the A-hole”.

  • D.G. Scott on

    Just witnessed a 5th grade, 1/8 tempo rendition of “Yakety Sax” by a 4th grade jazz ensemble. Pretty sure this is what the end of days sounds like.

  • D.G. Scott on

    Sorry, 4th and 5th grade…like it matters.

  • Carel Rowe on

    Can I still sign up to attend your presentation at Necronomicon Providence in August ?
    We have a film showing of your episode with Andrew Leman: “Doomed” this year.

  • Gage on

    Hey guys! I absolutely love the show! I only recently got into Lovecraft and I am enthralled with his mythos. I do have an issue though. I was on episode 30 on the podcast app on the iPhone but now episodes 1-60 do not show up on there. As a completionist, I need to find those 30 I am missing. Is it just a bug in the system or is there another easy way to find episodes 1-60? Thanks so much for the fun times and making my drive to work easier, albeit a bit spookier!

  • hppodcraft on

    The episodes are limited in the feed, but you can download or stream all the episodes from the site!

  • Cass on

    So I know I’m way late to the party but I’ve been loving your episodes on stitcher and having you guys give a through run down of the mythos has been super easy for me to plan my next game of the call of cthulhu board game!
    But i went on stitcher yesterday and moat of the episodes were gone…and what was there wasn’t in order. Is this a stitcher glitch or mistake or do I have to subscribe to listen to the old stuff?
    Please help I need my H.P Lovecraft fix! D:

  • hppodcraft on

    Due to our server, we can’t have more than 30 episodes on the feed. It crashes our system. It stinks, but that is the had we are dealt. However, all episodes are available for streaming or download from the site. ALL OF THEM! So you can all ways give that a go. Sorry for the ivconviencene.

  • phil nadeau on

    YES! Sean Branney is back for “Thing on the Roof” after YEARS of absence!

  • Tom Wynn on

    Hello! i have been listening to the show since the early episodes. The HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast remains one of the most entertaining podcasts on the web! Just discovered “Quiet and Bold,” and am a big fan of that already! Great job, guys!!!

  • Eldagrady on

    Please, please read Library at Mount Char by Scott Hawkins – not for the podcast – just because it will blow your minds!

  • Scott on

    I still ha e cthuloid on my phone and was wondering why the link to your page no longer has the stories to listen to

  • Phoef Sutton on

    I’m listening to these wonderful podcasts in order, so I’m several years behind. I just listened to THE YELLOW SIGN and in the segment you express ignorance about the film DEAD OF NIGHT (1945). If you still haven’t seen it, your must! It’s one of the seminal films the history of weird cinema. Unbelievable influential and very, very good.

  • Tim Hodkinson on

    Loved the latest episode. JS Lefanu rocks.

  • Björn Wilmsmann on

    I think the supernatural dwarf makes for an interesting connection between The Familiar by Le Fanu and The Transformation by Mary Shelley. There could be a common legend both of these stories draw upon or Le Fanu might’ve been inspired by Shelley’s short story.

    The dwarves in both stories bear some similarities particularly in that they resemble someone from the protagonist’s former life (in case of The Transformation the protagonist himself) and that their inherent motivation in both cases seems to come from making the protagonist repent and possibly redeem himself.

  • Marco on

    @ Rory: sad to inform you that your youtube link doesn’t work

  • David A Rutherford on

    Hey guys! I just started listening to the pod, despite being a long time HPL fan. I’m only as far as ep. 9, but just wanted to say comment on ep.8 – “The Doom That Came To Sarnath”. You mentioned that the people of Sarnath celebrated the destruction of the people of Ib, and said words to the effect of “What if we had a day to celebrate the genocide of Native Americans?” Well, you do, it’s called Columbus Day.

  • Joshua Balian on

    Do you have a mailing list?

  • Dave on

    Hey guys, just want to say great job on the podcast. You absolutely nail the balance of factual detail, experienced opinion & gamesome banter. Also, your editing & production is tight. All in all, it’s been a joy to hear you guys chat about lovecraft & just get better & better at it.
    The only thing that’s left me wanting is an ‘about us’ link on your site. A little background on who you guys are, how you came to do this & what you’re working on outside of the podcast. A short list of your regular voice actors/readers & what they’re involved with would be nice too.
    I’m just thinking that a link with details would open up a bit of exposure for all the talent involved here
    – Thanks again guys, keep up the great work

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