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  • rory on

    just wanted you guys to take a look at this lovecraft inspired anime short, features a lot of references, its fantastic it even has our favorite fiddler

  • rory on

  • Erik Weissengruber on

    Hi HPL Literary Podcast. The political satire podcast has done a bizarre mashup of Cthulhu Mythos, The CoC Role Playing Game, and the insane Pizzagate conspiracy making the rounds of the media. It is one of their premium Patreon episodes, but a preview is available. Also, on an earlier episode, one of the writers asserted the superiority of CoC to D&D. Even travesty is one way of circulating the myth.

  • Erik Weissengruber on

    Oops. Links —
    Free preview:
    The full episode:

  • Glenn Queen on

    A highlighted Login button on the Home Page would be much appreciated.

  • John Dutemple on

    Just discovered the podcast on TTBOOK and am only up to Ep. 14: The Street. Agreed – God awful story, but if no one has solved the ‘Tall Beaver’ mystery for you, they’re hats. To see Ben Franklin in one click here:

  • Monica on

    Hey there, was curious if you guys will be attending necrocomicon providence this year or not? Thanks!

  • Judy Oxford on

    Hi Guys, My husband (Sky Oxford) is a subscriber and so I get to vicariously enjoy your podcast. I really do, in fact we are currently enjoying Dracula month… and your dramatic reading was sooo awesome! Made us both belly laugh! So, how can I donate in an ongoing way?

  • AThomason on

    I’ve recently had an idea for a game series (sort of a PC puzzle sort of thing) which would reference a multitude of stories by different writers, but the overall setting throughout all the games would be in a Lovecraft inspired universe (a detective agency set up in Innsmouth and whatnot). I’m far a long ways from getting the ball rolling on this project, and so I was wondering if you had any input to give this? Any dos or don’ts you feel worth mentioning.

  • Travis Fletcher on

    Fantastic! I was very happy to stumble upon this site. Your voice talents are incredible in the readings. Can we get more full readings? I just subscribed. Always willing to help the cause for fellow Lovecraftian’s.

  • Matthew on

    Just wondering if you subscribe do you get access to listen to past subscription only episodes?

  • Tony Ciak on

    The William Hope Hodgson other story you referred to was “The Voice in the Night”. There was a movie made of it, “The Attack of the Mushroom People” reference :

  • Eric Braun on

    Where can we find the full version of that amazing Never Ending Story remix played at the end of the Day of the Dragon episode? I haven’t been able to stop listening to it! Thanks, fellas!

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