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  • Jason Shoemaker on

    Chris & Chad,

    Thanks for a great year of Lovecraftian podcasts. Lovecraft has been a big influence on my thesis work and your podcast has been a welcome addition to my studio time. If you have a moment I hope that you would stop by my website and see what madness can do to a printmaking MFA:

    Best of luck with the rest of the year. I can hardly wait for The Whisperer in Darkness DVD to come out. What a treat it will be.

    Thanks again for a wonderful podcast. Y’all have been a great inspiration over the past year.


  • Joseph McKenna on

    Keep up the good work glad to see you are getting so much well deserved recognition!

  • tom morganti on

    Is there some web site where a person can vote for this show? Lovecraft would have been for this 100%. It’s like Amateur Journalism of the 21st century. Plus you all do a most excellent job with the material.

  • Rev. Danno on

    I love the podcast! Love the readings, the guests on the show are great. Music great, really good job on stuff. I am really looking forward to what you all will do in the future.

    I like the new look for the website, little hard to read the text fields.
    You guys need to get HPLHS to fix their website, it is starting to look unnameable.
    -Rev. Danno

  • colin on

    episodes 52 & 53 of the dream quest discussion return 404 errors… any chance to get that resolved?

  • Sellers Burgener on

    I absolutely love the show and I listen to it almost every day. Many people see me walking by with my headphones on thinking I’m a deranged lunatic for laughing hyserically out loud to myself! You guys have extrememly intelligent insight into these stories–the chilling, the brilliant, and the b-movie elements– which are all the more forgivable when put in such a hilarious and affectionate light. Where Joshi raises the academic level of appreciation for Lovecraft, you guys clearly raise the humanistic appreciation. Were he alive today I doubt Lovecraft could find better friends in the 21st century. Thanks for all the incrdibly important and enteraining work you are doing.

    Have you heard of the Black Phoenix alchemy lab? They are makers of scented oils inspired by literary, fantasy, and mythical sources. They have an entire series of Lovecraft scented oils called “Picnic at Arkham”. Have you ever wanted to wear the scent of Cthulhu or Azathoth? Well, boys, you can. And they’re awesome. My fiance finds the “Deep Ones” particularly sexy.

  • Chad Fifer on

    The Dream Quest episodes are now fixed. Thanks!

  • Joanne Westwood on

    Hey, this is a great podcast, and the excerpts you use to comment on are fantastic quality. I was listening to one of the Whisperer In The Darkness commentaries. I’d like to let you and your fans know about the current status of the film At The Mountains Of Madness. I am the PR contact for Stella James Studios, who picked up the project after James Cameron and del Toro lost it in March. Stella James Studios has released a full audio book of this classic Lovecraft work as well. All can be seen on and you can contact me direct with PR inquiries at sjLume “@” (remove the spaces and quotes).

  • Harrison M on

    You guys are awesome keep up the good work :D.

  • daniel on

    want hats….more hats….will buy hats!!

  • Steven on

    Just a note guys, you mentioned bandwidth usage has gone up in the last episode. Probbaly due to the 1mb background image. Get your webdesigner to optimize it with PS as its a touch on the big side. πŸ™‚ Love the podcast, my favourite so far and Mountains was the first book I read of HPL so a special one for me.

    Keep it up guys.

    Steven M

  • noisician on

    Being a long time HP fan, I love your show. The quality of your audio & music is amazing. I love that little distorted scream that you always play with your tagline.

    I am going to be sad when you guys run out of HP stories to review. Once that happens, have you considered reviewing mythos material written by others? Maybe choose one anthology at a time so that we can read along if we want? Just an idea – I’d hate to see the show come to an end.


  • Saber on

    So, you may have seen this before, but this would have perhaps been Lovecraft’s response to sex ed: I love the show, by the way. I haven’t gotten a chance to listen to your episodes on At the Mountains of Madness yet, but I’m looking forward to it. That story was actually the one that got me interested in Lovecraft. Are you guys planning on doing The Shadow Over Innsmouth any time soon?

  • Joseph Baumberger on

    Arkham. Need to do a episode on Arkham. HPL got the idea from Danvers. Check it out you won’t be sorry. Thanks for the Cast.

  • trevor on

    Haiyoru! Nyaruani: Remember My Mr. Lovecraft
    anime thoutght you guys would like
    The story centers around Nyaruko, a formless Cthulhu deity who can take on the shape of a seemingly ordinary silver-haired girl. Mahiro Yasaka is a normal high school who is chased by aliens one night, until Nyaruko saves him

  • Rick P on

    Just received my copy of “The Call of Cthulhu” on DVD. Can’t wait to absorb it into my pulpy, tentacled head.

    You guys are great and your podcast is top notch, keep on crafting the love!

  • john schumann on

    you guys should see my utube video which is titel THE STRANGER OF THE PLAY BY DARKSO S KOUS (FULL TEXT 1/2)
    i must inform you that the video with me in a funnly looking robe reading the story is kind of bad, but the one with the words of the story written on the screen is the much better one,and you will find in the story references to both Orwell and Chambers’ works, something that were ever tried mixing before.

    if you like it show a leak to your lessioners but if you hate send me a mail of why you hate at eustinshumann78@,com.

  • dan lyons on

    thank you guys for providing the best podcast ever. i must have listened to every episode at least five times since i discovered you guys last march. im a wannabe director with a passion for lovecraft. i hate how nobody can seem to adapt his work honestly and purely (aside from mr.s branny and lemen). when picking a story to adapt i didnt want to aim too high, so i figured the curse of yig would be perfect for a good, honest horror film with no unnecessary deviations

  • danman on

    Hey, I liked the Maureen Dowd post on Facebook. I’m a lot more conservative than many here, but seeing HP referenced in the media is always good. But you may have been right to pull it, because any even remotely political topic on Facebook ALWAYS gets childish.

  • cat on

    I absolutely love your show. my friend turned me onto it. we spent most of the summer reading Lovecraft stories to each other, especially during rain storms(creepier cause we lived in the middle of nowhere next to cows). he bought me a new mp3player and i have filled it with episodes. I file for a mortgage company and it gets pretty boring, but listening to ya’ll makes the nights fly by now. THANK YOU!

  • Monstah on

    Hey! I saw you on the CoC DVD I got for birthday some 3 or 4 years ago, you guys are awesome. Watched many, many times Chad make his statement about hot dogs and the black skies of R’lyeh, and Chris go about the deadly pit of cougars (and a Bizarro shirt? Come on!)

    This podcast was an awesome find. Sent it to a friend who’s somewhat into Lovecraft (not as much as people like us), he loved it.

  • Matt S. on

    Hey guys!

    Thanks for the amazing podcast. I was wondering, have you considered putting your donation drives on I ask because I think it’d be a great idea to get contributions from people who listen as well as those who don’t. I think there’s a market out there for H.P. Lovecraft readings! If you haven’t heard of go check it out, it’s at least worth consideration.

    Thank you so much for all the work you do!

  • Troy on

    Amazing show guys! great job, perfect for Halloween!

  • Natalia on

    Love the podcast! You guys are my favorites. Any chance you’d ever tour or do a live show? In Milwaukee perhaps?

  • Jason on

    How the heck do you get onto your forums? Have been trying for three days now and after resending the activation multiple times nothing comes through my email lol. I am forsaken. Just kidding.
    I am enjoying the podcast so much I would just like to get even more from the forum πŸ™‚

  • Joseph on

    Love the show!!!! Love it!!!! I got my ipod a few months back and i listen to your show on my way to and from work every day (total 130 miles!!!!) I know in the past you have offered digital downloads of the music if you donated and since I am not current (almost there) I was wondering if you were still doing any promotions regarding donations and digital downloads?

  • Gwynn. D. Earl on

    Hey Chris and Chas,

    Long time listener, first time caller.

    Ultimate respect for the podcast. It’s much easier to justify a secret fascination with the often verbose, racist pretentious ramblings of H.P when his works are digested with a humerous modern literary critique.

    As an aside.. If you guys are ever interested in working on a script among your many other current ventures.. I am directing an animated series:

    “HELL’s HOST is the story of a grumpy and unlovable antipodean who has the unfortunate destiny of being HOST to HELL’S most infernal tortures, creatures and traps.”

    The series is intended to be a cross genre social parody, (Like south park) which uses the horror genre to highlight social and political issues.

    For one of the episodes I would love to do a Lovecraft send up, and given your guys expertise it would be an honour if you wanted to contribute in any way..

    In any case, keep up the good work with the podcast.. Peace out…

  • Chad Fifer on

    Soundtracks are still available – simply donate $15 or more and make a note that you’d like the digital download:)

  • Andrai on

    I love your show, and I’m wondering if you will continue to podcast after you finish going through all of HPL’s work?

    If you are open to any suggestions for future topics, I would love to hear you guys talk about Inner Earth. Besides the obvious Journey To the Center of the Earth, there’s also a bunch of old books and stories related to the idea of another world/Agartha.

  • Joseph Baumberger on

    Hey guys, my daughter was listening to the hoard of the wizard beast and she said you guys need to do a episode with you two doing Lovecraft inspired metal songs. She had a blast listening to the beginning of that episode. Thanks guys, if that’s what it takes to turn some else one to HPL them so be it. Thanks again for a job well done. Joe

  • Inner Prop on

    I can’t seem to contact anyone, I’m blocked at every turn. My “contact us” emails report “contact not found.” I’ve registered to join the forums, but someone, or something keeps intercepting my registeration email. What dark horrors are keeping my from contacting you? What unnamable, unspeakable machinations are at work?

  • Tanner Boggs on

    I would really appreciate it if you look up my sight and tell your friends to do the same thing. I love your podcast and decided to do something similar. Thank you!

  • Q on

    Thanks for your insight into Lovecraft and his stories– the background information you provide in the podcast is great and the readings are always impeccable! Bravo, bravo.

  • Mouldy Squid on

    Love your podcast. I hope that the two of you continue to bring us your insightful commentary on all things HPL even after you finish all of the Master’s stories.

    One question though, what about “In the Walls of Eryx”? I haven’t seen it yet and you both claimed that you are at the end of HPL’s canon. Surely you haven’t overlooked his one truly science fiction story (even if it is a collaboration). I think it is an important work; you can see HPL’s changing attitude toward race in it.

  • itwasatrickpie on

    I love that you’re branching into wider lovecraft media – lovecraft themed bands and similar authors. I’d love to hear more about lovecraft in the media today and new lovecraft themed works: Guillermo del Toro, new weird, art, events etc… I’ve yet to find a podcast that does this, I think there’s a real gap in the market and now you’re coming to the end of the original works.. πŸ˜€ I love what you’re doing!

  • chrisblue77 on

    I cant get the Call of Call of Cthulhu 2 downlode, can U send me cd. I I had a real world adress I would send U $ 4 it?

  • Philip Cowan on

    Just wondered what the piano music was you keep playing – I have looked for references to it on the forums and the website but missed it so far. I like it. Would like to get hold of it. Can you help?

  • Ryan Link on

    Great show guys, your show will be on my phone to relisten to each and every episode!!! Please continue podcasting about horror or even sci fi novels.

  • Andy Tong on

    Hey guys –

    Thanks for all your work with the podcast. It’s been a hell of a ride, and reaching ‘the end’ is a bit sad. I’m glad to know you’re planning to continue, by extending to other writers and stories. Your style of analysis is great both informative AND fun…

    In the last couple of days I’ve been catching up on the last few episodes that I didn’t get to hear because I was away from home. I think it was Chad who jokingly asked exactly what Dracula DID to get awarded his medallion. I’d had much the same question over the years, so as a joke I floated it through Facebook. Amongst the joke answers, which were all I’d expected, I received the following. It’s interesting what you can discover purely by accident, and bits of this I’d already heard before. I believe this is a pretty comprehensive answer to the mystery of Dracula’s mystery award, as well as the colour scheme of his wardrobe…

    In the 15th century the Turkish Empire was very powerful and trying to continuously expand towards the West. In response to that the Western leaders, such as kings, princes and nobles, were associating in Orders and other political alliances…

    In 1408 King Sigismund of Hungary (who went on to become the Holy Roman Emperor in 1410) founded a secret fraternal order of knights called the Order of the Dragon, to uphold Christianity and to defend the Hungarian Empire against the Ottoman Turks. The Coat of Arms of this Order was represented by a dragon (Drac in Romanian, hence Vlad Dracul) with a long tail swirled around it’s own neck, surmounted with a cross. Members of this order had to wear a chain and this dragon medallion around their neck…

    Also, during ceremonies, the members had to wear a black cape over a red blouse, symbolizing Jesus’ Passions…

    This is the reason why today Dracula wears a black cape with a red lining…

    Best wishes to you both, and I look forward to future shows…

    Andy Tong ^Β₯^

  • Jaron on

    I would like to subscribe, but refuse to use paypal. Can I pay some other way? Thank you.

  • paraman52 on

    I am still having problems getting the feed through iTunes. It keeps knocking me back down to the free, not the premium, subscription. I re-subscribe to the podcast using the RSS URL, but it doesn’t download the premium contact.

    Also, how come we cannot right click and save the premium content using Save Target as?

  • Patch on

    Chris and Chad: Is there an e-mail address for you for those of us who can’t get the damn Microsoft Outlook to work on their PC?

  • Patch on

    Actually, I just wanted the name for the singer on YouTube who does the Cthulhu nightclub tribute. I forget which podcast Chris mentioned it on.

  • Rick REoberts on

    No download link on the latest episode. Forget the subscribing mess.

  • Chri karriem on

    Amazing stuff….lovecraft taught us all how to see the unlnowable

  • chris karriem on

    I drew a description for ya of the dunwhich horror…would like to send it to ya when im finished with it….you guys rock!!!

  • chris karriem on

    here ya guys go….keep crafting!

  • Jesse Acosta on

    Hello! Love the show, and I’m currently working on a Lovecraft mini comic. Do you have a PO BOX for the site? I’d love to send you all comp copies when it’s done as a Christmas gift!

  • Frank Webster on

    Strange meeting place for wizards.
    Well, it’s a strange age.

    If you desire to contact me, then you will know where to find me.


  • Pedro Rodriguez on

    Dear Chad and Chris,
    I have been a fan of your work since your first podcast in Itunes. I even sent you a message once about giving you the name of someone who would be fantastic to narrate one of the stories. Now that you guys are working on other stories that are not of Lovecraft origin. I would like it if you would work on a Robert E.Howard story. It features Bran Mak Morn and is called Worms of the Earth. It is a classic Howard tale which is connected to the Chtulu Mythos. If you do choose to broadcast it. It should be narrated by Andrew Leman. He would ne perfect for the job. Thanks again guys for all of the sacrifice you have made in bringing us such great entertainment.

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