Whisperer in the Darkness
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It’s ransom time again and this time we’ve we’ve metaphorically kidnapped Andrew Leman reading H.P. Lovecraft’s seminal tale, The Whisperer in Darkness! Once we reach our goal of $2000, we’ll begin production on a full audio reading of this Mi-go infested yarn of horror!

We’re doing this to fund our trip to NecronomiCon Providence 2017 to do another live show, this time finally tackling some of the Lovecraft/CM Eddy collaborations!

So if you can spare a few dollars, or quite a few dollars check out these rewards! To donate simply click on the corresponding amount below…

Donate to HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast Audio of the NecronomiCon Providence Live Show 2017

Donate to HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast A ticket to the HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast Live show! See us in person! You also get the Audio recording to see if you can hear your own laughter!
$40 – SOLD OUT!! A NecronomiCon Providence T-shirt, a ticket to the live show and the audio!
$80 – SOLD OUT!!! A general admittance ticket to the whole NecronomiCon convention. Tickets to the HPL Literary Podcast Live show and audio included!

Donate to HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast Pick a Story! You get to pick a short story (by a dead author) and we’ll cover it on the show! You’ll also get a ticket to the show and the audio as well!

Donate to HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast Show Sponsorship! We’ll gush over you or your product on the live show and one of our public shows! We’ll also throw in 5 tickets to the live show and audio of the recording!

Donate to HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast Be a Guest Host! You will be on the HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast with Chris and Chad! You will pick the story and share your thoughts, but also be part of making the episode, putting it together and making you sound cool!

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