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Author Topic: Bahamut  (Read 1688 times)
80d Dad
« on: February 02, 2016, 07:16:21 PM »

Anyone familiar with Bahamut? Yes, he is in Dungeons & Dragons. Yes, he is in the Final Fantasy series. But he has an longer history. The band Hazmat Modine recorded a song about Bahamut. Take a listen (link below). If it isn't your cup of tea, stick it out until the spoken part in the bridge. (The lyrics are below for those with less patience.) The band has done a great job of communicating the sense of awe and the sublime mystery of Bahamut. It seems to me that Bahamut represents the same thing Cthulhu and his crew do.


The entire known universe
Floats suspended in a thin silver bowl
Which rocks gently on the back
Of an immense blue-green tortuga
And the tortuga's scaly feet
Are firmly placed on the topmost
Of seven craggy mountains
Which arise from a vast and arid plain
Of drifting, fetid, yellow dust
And the plain is balanced precariously
On top of a small thin green acacia tree
Which grows from the snout
Of a giant blood red ox
With 50 eyes that breathes flame
The color of the midnight sky
And the ox's hooves are firmly placed
On the single grain of sand
Which floats in the eye of Bahamut
Like a mote of dust
No one has ever seen Bahamut
Some think it's a fish
Some think it's a newt
All we know is that the lonely Bahamut
Floats endlessly through all time and all space
With all of us and everything
Floating in a single tear
Of his eye
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