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Author Topic: Episodes 77 - 83 ~ At the Mountains of Madness  (Read 107891 times)
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« Reply #180 on: September 04, 2014, 11:08:14 AM »

OK, so it's not Antarctica but Australia, so close enough...


A catch of tiny creatures from the sea off the Australian coast in 1986, preserved in formaldehyde and recently re-analysed, have been shown to lie outside any known animal phylum. (In case you were you wondering, phylum is the level of taxonomic description immediately below kingdom). Which is to say, they are *totally* unlike any other known living thing.

Some scientists have speculatively pointed out their resemblance to creatures of the ediacaran group, which thrived during the Precambrian era and is thought to have died out around 500 million years ago.

Pretty cool, and I thought resonated quite well with some of the themes in ATMoM. Also, they get extra Lovecraft points for being mushroom-shaped.

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« Reply #181 on: August 17, 2016, 06:40:32 PM »

I just reread ATMOM and the part about landing at MT Erebus and MT Terror really stood out to me, I thought being a reference to the ill fated Sir Jong Franklin expedition. It is a big part of the folklore here in Canada. I know recently they found one of the doomed ships. I would like to recommend an outstanding fictional account of this voyage to you.
The Book is called "The Terror" by Dan Simmons. I very chilling in many ways and creepy read. Simmons gives good details of the grim voyage. I think they were trapped in ice for a couple years, with one of the ships crushed by the ice. Of course there was the biting cold they had to deal with. After being trapped for awhile there was madness and a huge degeneration in morale. There was lead poisoning due to improperly packed canned goods, starvation and cannibalism. All these elements added together would make a very gripping and terrifying read, but to compound the chaos and terror, Simmons adds another element, that being a supernatural one. Something or somethings are slowing picking off the crew members.
This is one of those books I could not put down. The cold added an oppressive atmosphere to the tale, like Lovecraft's. I read this during winter, which was not a good idea, kind of bone chilling to say the least. Read this with a warm blanket.
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