It’s Bloch-tober – a celebration of all things Robert Bloch – and we’re kicking it off by releasing last year’s live show in Chicago!

The show was recorded on October 10, 2015 at The Charnel House and covers The Shambler from the Stars as well as The Dark Demon. Discussion of the stories is followed by our Lovecraft Comedy Quiz Show!

Special thanks to comedian and friend Dave Stinton for opening the show and hosting the quiz! Bonus points for the whimsical yet profound score-keeping of Jen Ellison.

Love to Rachel Lackey and Heather Klinke for keeping things moving along!

Reber Clark laid down the sweet licks that kept us all good & creeped – thank you Reber!

And of course, eternal gratitude to our incomparable guests, Mr. Andrew Leman and Mr. Kenneth Hite!

The show would not have been possible without the gracious contributions of our Kickstarter backers – you guys are the best!

Don’t forget to patronize our AMAZING sponsor – WARPO: Making Yesterday’s Toys. The Legends of Cthulhu action figures are available to buy there now and THEY ARE THE BEST!

Next week: The Secret in the Tomb


Journey into the haunted Appalachians with us as we take on O Ugly Bird! by Manly Wade Wellman!

Holy shit! BIRD ATTACK!!

Here are 8 Animals with Front-Facing Eyes That Will Delight and Terrify You!

Music in this episode: Greenback Dollar by Obray Ramsey

Next week: OUR 2015 LIVE SHOW IN CHICAGO! A whole hour and a half of sexy audio goodness!

Next month: BLOCHTOBER! We’ll be reading stories from Mysteries of the Worm – grab it! (And if you’s buying from Chaosium, why not also pick up Fifer’s album Sense Impacts?)



Need more invisible monsters in your air? Join us as we check out Unseen — Unfearedby Francis Stevens!

Special thanks to our reader, Heather Klinke!

Check out Fifer getting interviewed on The Horror of Nachos and Hamantaschen!

Next week: O Ugly Bird! by Manly Wade Wellman!


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