Frank Belknap Long gets the podcraft treatment as we conjure The Hounds of Tindalos!

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Next week, we’ll be back with Long’s The Space-Eaters! We could not find an online version, but will be reading from the very affordable book: The Cthulhu Mythos Megapack!

UPDATE: There IS an online version of The Space-Eaters, located HERE.


Ladies and Gentlemen, it is our great pleasure to introduce you to the Master of the Asteroid!

Here’s the cover illustration. JAZZ HANDS!

And DON’T BLAME THE ARTIST! Thank you for giving us the proper schooling!

Signs You May Be at Risk of Space Madness by Mallory Ortberg.

Next week: The Hounds of Tindalos

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Clark Ashton Smith month continues with The Return of the Sorcerer!

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Next week: Master of the Asteroid