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  • Benjamin May on

    I thought the podcasts were great (episodes 1 and 2). I don’t know anybody else who enjoys his work, so it is nice to hear a bit of discussion. And since you mentioned it, The Call of Cthulhu was a great film – as are the audio adaptations that come from the HPLHS.
    Anyway, I am looking forwards to hearing you discuss Dagon.
    Am I commenting in the right place here?

  • Mark Grehan on

    Great show guys,just the right amount of the serious and the fun.i have not read any lovecraft for a while but thanks to you guys have had to go up into my scary attic and dig up all those old Lovecraft paperbacks.
    Keep up the good work and keep those Eldar signs close by you never know who else might be listening under the waves.

  • David Larsen on

    While I abhor his racist xenophobia, I appreciate his metaphysical naturalism, choosing not to contradict what is known of the natural world but taking advantage of what was then unknown, unexplored, unexplained, placing his weird stories at those margins.
    Humans consider his alien gods malevolent, but in another sense they are indifferent to us, being more concerned with gaining entry into this dimension or their own power struggles, for example. One doesn’t waste time hating gnats unless one finds one in the soup or up one’s nose.

  • Eli Berg-Maas on

    If you thought you were living a Lovecraft story, why did you think it was fun?

  • Paul Chadwick on

    Unfortunately, racism was bolstered by a great body of scientific literature at this time, just like phrenology. Lovecraft was less inspired to it by his New York experience than by his somewhat pathetic pride in his family and Nordic and Yankee heritage; De Camp’s biography makes this clear. Lovecraft had little else to cling to for his self-esteem, since he was a failure and phobic in his own life. How amazed he would be to see his posthumous cultural success.

  • R'obb on

    I love a good origin story so I am starting from the beginning!

  • Carcosa on

    When I was younger, I too felt like I was in a Lovecraft story. At the time, I was consistantly droppind a lot of acid, up to a quarter of a sheet in a week. On the night of the new moon, down in an old abandoned park that few people knew about inside the border of the city along the bay, at a large concrete slab that served as an alter in the middle of the woods we lit up the cardinal directions with candles, drew our circle with an athame and proceeded to perform an occult ceremony to initiate us into witchcraft. Sometime during the ceremony we heard a branch snap as if someone took a step in the woods. We called out to see who was there with no reply. I was warned not to leave the protection of the circle to see what it was. Finally after hearing it again in a different location I crossed the line to see who it might be, and a bedded deer jumped out and took flight. I remember reading, “The Dreams in the Witchhouse not long after, and no story had ever been so real or terrifying. Those were crazy days…

  • Alessia Rabaioli on

    Love it! This is exactly the site I was looking for. Majestic project!

  • Joseph Wood on

    Been meaning to read lovecraft for a long time now, just starting and discovered this podcast. Thanks so very much guys, I’ll be listening to a lot!

  • lance roehl on

    I found hp’s work in mid 2017 and did not get in to it till the end of 2017 and I am in love with his work and i always read it now and i just found your pod cast and i love it so far thank you for taking your time to do this podcast

  • Eric Adler on

    Hi, I just discovered your YouTube channel a few days ago and have been listening to your stuff daily ever since. One thing you fail to mention here is that Lovecraft was a very sociable guy after he started amateur journalism and he had a lot of friends whom he actually met in real life, in NYC and elsewhere, and he did a lot of traveling between Quebec and Key West. I’m looking forward to listening to many more of your talks.

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