Post Comment 9 comments on “H.P.Lovecraft Literary Podcast – Commercial Spot 01

  • Reber Clark on

    Great coffee! …and a great promo! ’twill be sent far and wide.

  • Mike Davey on

    The cat ran off when you laughed.
    I now have shredded thighs.
    Thanks, guys…..

  • chrislackey on

    He HE! You fell for it! My brilliant trap was a success! Ie! Ie!

  • Keith on

    I was already laughing out loud before the end. Now I can hardly breathe! Damn you, HPpodcraft!

  • Regular Frank on

    Were you perhaps drinking Cthulhu Coffee?

  • JulieH on

    “The Starbucks are Right!!! Ia!!!”

  • J.B.Lee on

    Beautiful! Work of art! AAAARRRTTTTTT!!!!

  • JulieH on

    This was hilarious! I included this on the CDs of my show I was passing out at the HP Lovecraft film festival this weekend…. Seemed like the right audience.

  • Timothy Dean on

    that was cool. If you guys want some extra promo I can pull this and put it into my shows during the commercial breaks.

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