Episode 15 – Poetry of the Gods & Celephais

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Another double feature! Check out this week’s stories, Poetry and the Gods and Celephais. We get to explore more of Lovecraft’s sensitive side.

Next up: From Beyond

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  • Longo on

    I believe it was Brian Lumley who set a story or two in England’s Innsmouth, or maybe it was Neil Gaiman. It’s been a while since I’ve read non-Lovecraft Lovecraftian stuff.

  • Longo on

    All I was able to find on the internet about Anna Helen Crofts was a record of her grave and about a thousand online versions of Poetry and the Gods. I have two theories about this mystery woman.

    Theory A.) Poetry and the Gods is is Miss Croft’s own work and she got HPL to edit it and somehow (perhaps as an advertising gimmick) it was billed as a collaboration.

    Theory B.) Poetry and the Gods is entirely Lovecraft’s own work, and he invented a female collaborator as an excuse for a complete departure from his ordinary styles.

    If anyone has any evidence to support of tear down my crackpate theories, speak up.

  • Ricky on

    There is a short bit in this episode where Chris, I believe, accidentally makes reference to “He who must not be named.” This is followed by cursing by both hosts, and Chris berating himself. Is there some manner of unspoken commandment that “Thou shalt not” make referfrence to the popular Rowling fantasy novels? Just curious, love the show!

  • Jeff on

    @Ricky I think they were more making reference to Hastur, whom Lovecraft referred to as “he who shall not be named”, and this story existed long before Rowling or other authors have used a similarly mysterious pseudonym (though even Lovecraft probably pulled it from another writer).
    As for the podcast, this is a great one, combining two great stories. Some really interesting insights into the stories as well. I love going back over these ‘casts.

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