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  • Robert R. on

    A random aside on the story to show how Lovecraft stretches through pop culture. In the 1960s, under editor Julius Schwartz (former literary agent who sold at least one of Lovecraft’s stories) they killed off Alfred. Either by plan or because of the tv show, they decided to bring Alfred back and they brought him back as the villain The Outsider.

    The origin is particularly Lovecraftian with a scientist doing studies in a cemetary at night, hearing a moan from Alfred’s crypt, and exposing Alfred to unknown radiation to restore him, only for it to go wrong and turn Alfred into a ghoulish villain.

  • M David Cox on

    Regarding HPL’s dense language; Lovecraft is like sex, I can hear the cries of “What the …?”. But consider, in the throes of passion sex is about the best thing there is and when “tangled” in HPL’s writing your skin will get up & walk off. However, when looked at in the cold, hard light of day both are at best ridiculous if not just disgusting.

  • Hanglyman on

    For me, this story breaks suspension of disbelief when you realize that people aren’t characters in a first person shooter, and should be able to see their own limbs and torso without needing a mirror.

  • GoodleShoes on

    He wouldn’t know what a normal person looks like. So he sees other people for the first time and realizes he looks nothing like them which is why he is in horror.

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