Episode 22 – The Other Gods

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This week we’re not going to talk about the normal gods, we’re talking about The Other Gods!

Our guest reader is none other than Julie Hoverson of 19 Nocturne Boulevard fame!

  • What’s The Room you say? Actor/Director/Writer/Producer Tommy Wiseau will knock your frickin’ socks off!
  • Check out The Other Gods by Subterranea Entertainment.
  • B-Fest.

Next up: The Music of Erich Zann

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  • Kallisto on

    Thanks for linking that video of “The other Gods”. I have to say: I like Lovecraft films best when they are “kind of removed”. Case in point CoC from HPLHS. And this really classy animation (again putting it back into the time when the story was written). Really well done!

  • Serena Nocturna on

    I only recently discovered your wonderful Lovecraft podcasts & thank you both for putting these together! It’s a wonderful way to get started w/ the master’s works, especially for beginners.

    My dad was a Lovecraft fan, so my brothers & I grew up hearing many of these great works of fantasy & horror (as well as those of M.R. James & Arthur Machen).

    But I’m working my way through these to fill in the gaps in my experience.

    Now, about this podcast for The Other Gods……your lead-in was a real turn-off! Here’s why:

    In summary, this story was a wonderful part of his master-work mythology dealing with various gods & super-beings, as well as his amazing Dreamland creation! I’m glad to have found it on YouTube, so I could listen to it in full (better reader to, BTW).

    So thanks for pointing me to it.

    But it obviously had absolutely ZERO to do w/ his personal views about religion or politics (or his favorite food for that matter)!

    First, we all get it that Lovecraft was a Darwinist-atheist & eventually a Progressive socialist, as was pretty much par for the course for the intelligentsia of his day.

    But…he was also a consummate artisan of his craft & a masterful storyteller. He worked hard to cultivate his creative talents. I thought that was what you guys were interested in presenting. But you both really sell him short when you can’t even credit his creativity for this story!

    If he’d wanted to editorialize about his contempt for christian beliefs, for example, he wouldn’t have done it this way. It’s says more about your views on religion than his when you project yourself on him in this way.

    Please try to focus on your subject better. I’d like to know about his creative works, process, inspirations.

    I’m really not interested in his religious/political views, what he thought about immigrants or whether he was gay (BORING!). And I’d say ‘Ditto’ regarding your views of these topics, as well.

    So…..I’m now moving on to enjoy the rest of these great podcasts, in the hopes that most of them be as enjoyable as the previous ones have been!

  • GoodleShoes on

    This is probably the third time I’ve listened to these original episodes from beginning till the end of going through Lovecraft’s original works and I’m surprised how much of a kick I get out of these. Thank you so much for leaving these up.

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