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  • John Reed on

    i would just like to thank both of you guys for the fabulous work you are doing by bringing lovecraft to the internet and….BEYOND!!! i wanted to add my thoughts on the subject matter of the story. i feel that this a very great read for people like myself of the gay community. i feel that this is a story of love between two men and the search that they take to spiritually enhance their lives whilst trying to stay eternally young. youth is very strong amonst the gay community and most of us try everything we can to stay that way. i also find that this is a cautionary tale about drug abuse. the fact that the characters take drugs and eventually age…is very similar toi the 24h party monsters/club kid culture where many gay and straight poeple hopped themselves up on ecstacy/heroin/crystal meth to be current and vivacious especially when there bodies were showing signs of wearing down. the end result of the tale when one of them turns to stone and the other is a fit-induced mess is very much an alogy of drug overdose and the brain’s eventually melt down due to the copious amounts of narcotics/malnurishment/sleep deprivation.
    again a fantastical read. Brokeback Mountain meets Polaris with a touch of Requiem For A Dream. wonder if Danny Boyle or darren Arronofsky would ever make this into a film. good casting choice would be Wes Bently and Nick Stahl.

  • Graf von Altberg-Ehrenstein on

    For not being a native English speaker I may be mixing things up, but I do think the man with Oriental eyes IS Einstein. He was Jewish and I think in an old fashioned style like Lovecraft used, the term “Oriental” referred also to people from the Middle East, which would in the eyes of a person like HPL include European Jews. He seems to have often referred to peoples eyes for cathegorizing them ethnically.

  • Moebius on

    I agree with von Altber-Ehrenstein. I always interpreted the “man with oriental eyes” as Einstein. From an Orientalist point of view, the European Jews could have been considered ‘oriental.’

  • Meagan on

    The commercial was most definitely not local!

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