Episode 27 – What the Moon Brings & Azathoth

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We’ve got another twofer! What the Moon Brings & Azathoth!

  • Today’s reader is Garrard Whatley (no relation), an awesome post-production sound guy; check out his company Rocketwerks!
  • Check out friend of the show Kenneth Hite’s very good interview here!
  • Another article in the LA Times.

Next week: The Horror at Martin’s Beach

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  • Ryo Uchinomiya on

    Happy new year from Tokyo! I have started listening your podcast, and finally 1year behind…
    Regarding dream, since last November, I am having bad dreams constantly. Always I kill somebody. There is no killing scenes appears but I am sure how and where I hide it. My partner (always different) talks about his/her missing, I keep thinking how long this thrilling time last.
    Always I wake up at the instance soaking wet by my own sweat.
    I wish I am not going to see it when I am awake…

  • yumegari on

    I think that the fragments deserve just as much attention as the completed stories. There was a lot of intensely rich and evocative writing in ‘Azathoth’ that people would otherwise miss.

  • Raúl Moreno on

    I read in H.P. Lovecraft, Narrativa completa / Vol. I, Ed. Valdemar , that “Azazoth” was the beginning of a novella Lovecraft began, but he didn’t continue with it for some reason.

  • DerSpeigel on

    H P Lovecraft’s indictment of “God”

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