Episode 28 – The Horror at Martin’s Beach

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This week, we jump into a collaboration between Lovecraft and Sonia Greene – The Horror at Martin’s Beach, a good old-fashioned monster story!

Special thanks to reader Heather Klinke!

We’re taking a few weeks off, but will be back in February with The Hound!

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  • John Williamson on

    A great blend of both authors for a very “real” feeling account of an unreal horror.
    Ironically though, the description of this “one-eyed monster” reminds me more than most of — or at least makes me think that it was inspired by — human genitals, and the awkwardness of making love for the first time, which may have been something just encountered by Lovecraft with Sonia.
    Regardless of my base speculation, it is a shame there were not more stories written in their combined style.
    Of course, the Captain’s “Orne” name would be reused in The Shadow over Inssmouth — another Massachusetts’ coast tale involving creatures from the sea.

  • Tara Murphy on

    I googled Sonia’s daughter, and found only one link. I spent some time reading about Lovecraft’s marriage, his move to New York, and his growing racism before I realized I was reading a forum populated entirely by racists. Once I saw them shouting racist complaints about Joshi and Stephen King (?) I got the hell out of there.
    Long story short: hoo boy was Lovecraft racist. And boy howdy some of his fans really are too.

  • Daniel Weber on

    Great story and entertaining discussion. This is one of the episodes I come back to, along with The Night Ocean.

    Upon listening again, the events at the beach struck me as an inversion of humans catching fish, with the cry of distress as bait and the compulsion that prevented the people from letting go of the rope acting like a hook.

    Perhaps the whole story is an indictment of the fish community for failing to do anything to help those members unlucky enough to bite onto a baited hook.

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