Episode 28 – The Horror at Martin’s Beach

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This week, we jump into a collaboration between Lovecraft and Sonia Greene – The Horror at Martin’s Beach, a good old-fashioned monster story!

Special thanks to reader Heather Klinke!

We’re taking a few weeks off, but will be back in February with The Hound!

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  • John Williamson on

    A great blend of both authors for a very “real” feeling account of an unreal horror.
    Ironically though, the description of this “one-eyed monster” reminds me more than most of — or at least makes me think that it was inspired by — human genitals, and the awkwardness of making love for the first time, which may have been something just encountered by Lovecraft with Sonia.
    Regardless of my base speculation, it is a shame there were not more stories written in their combined style.
    Of course, the Captain’s “Orne” name would be reused in The Shadow over Inssmouth — another Massachusetts’ coast tale involving creatures from the sea.

  • Tara Murphy on

    I googled Sonia’s daughter, and found only one link. I spent some time reading about Lovecraft’s marriage, his move to New York, and his growing racism before I realized I was reading a forum populated entirely by racists. Once I saw them shouting racist complaints about Joshi and Stephen King (?) I got the hell out of there.
    Long story short: hoo boy was Lovecraft racist. And boy howdy some of his fans really are too.

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