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  • Timothy Dean on

    Very good episode guys. I have to say that “The rats in the walls” is in my top 5 favorites from Lovecraft. And I managed to learn something. I didn’t know that Howard and Lovecraft had began their correspondence due to a letter from Howard to Weird Tales.

  • Becca on

    This is a very dull fact but I got ludicrously excited when re-reading this story to find the protagonist locked up in Hanwell asylum which is just up the road from me in west London. It’s actually still a mental health facility but in th 1th century was famous for being of the first asylums that didn’t use restraints on its inmates. Isn’t it nice to know that Mr Delapole was treated humanely in his final raving, auditarilly hallucinating years?

    I utterly love the podcast and am working my way through it from the start. Will be devastated when you finish.


  • Raúl Moreno on

    I’m also listening to all podcasts from the first one.

  • Miguel Leon on

    I dont know if you guys noticed this.
    But when the MC says “I am not that deamon swineheard” and “It was not Edward Norrys’ fat face on that flabby foungous thing.” It reminded me of the dream he had and how when he got a closer look at the swineherd and his “flock” he observed their features and woke up screaming. Norrys laughed at him he wondered if norrys would still laugh if he whew why he screamed
    This might also be a reason why in his delirium he ate Norrys.

  • laughingacademy on

    Re: the Sherlock Holmes story “The Adventure of the Yellow Face,” while it is true that the solution of the mystery involves an interracial marriage, that relationship is NOT presented as a bad thing, so ACD is still WAY ahead of HPL in the Racial Tolerance Sweepstakes.

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