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  • Amy on

    Hi guys, I grew up in Pascoag RI, and as of at least a couple of years ago, the road to Chepachet and the block of buildings Lovecraft refers to are still there. It’s a backwater, degenerate place. Not much changes there. I’m sure that at some point in my life, I’ll be drawn back there to discover some sinister secret about family background…

  • Ed on

    I actually can’t hear the words in this one, because the music track is so very, very loud. You guys might want to listen to this release again.

  • Martin R on

    We want pictures, Amy!

  • Wolf on

    I really appreciate your podcast/show. We got it linked at Read my first Lovecraft book in 1993 (german translation). Not always your opinion about the stories, but eager to hear every new episode.
    Wolf (journalist, radio moderator, musician, author)

  • Kim on

    I know there’s a temptation to personalize a story with the author but the Robert Suydam parts of the story make me wonder what is going on in Lovecraft’s marriage at this point. Taking only the Suydam parts – a learned man undergoes a drastic change and starts hanging out with types he normally considered beneath him, he gets married and the fair bride is killed by minions of the hideous demoness Lilith.

    It makes me wonder if he was feeling that the lovely Sonia that he married (the bride) was killed by the later Sonia, the woman who he had made the mistake of moving to NY for, who is Lilith in the story. And in the end, Suydam apparently foils her plans.

    It would probably be impossible to discover but I wonder if they’d be having a couple’s spat and HP was getting back at her in this story a bit.

  • Chadd on

    I’m always satisfied with the way you guys walk the line between disregarding and tacitly approving of HPL’s socially insensitive writing. Very smart and thoughtful. Well done.

    I want to disagree with you about something, though. I am not as well read in HPL’s letters as you guys seem to be, but I’ve always been under the impression that when HPL says stuff like “it isn’t very good” (which he seems to say a lot) he is only being coy and excessively disingenuous. I think he thought quite highly of most of his writing, especially the pieces that he submitted for publication. As an aspiring writer myself, I can say that writerly self-doubt will keep you from submitting even the writing you really like. Stuff you honestly don’t approve of never sees the light of day. I’m sure HPL suffers from as much self-doubt as anyone, but his constant self-deprecation is just a defense mechanism.

  • Jason Thompson on

    I think this is the best sequel to this story: Busta Rhymes vs. HP Lovecraft.

  • Menno on

    I’ve noticed that the villains are often from Dutch heritage (eg. Red Hook, Lurking Fear). I guess Lovecraft had some issues with the Dutch. Suydam stems from “zuid dam” in Dutch, meaning south dam. In Dutch the pronunciation would be Sou-dam.

  • Jayna on

    Gosh, I wish I would have had that inrfomation earlier!

  • DerSpeigel on

    Sadly I have to agree the only really horror in this story is Lovecraft’s xenophobia/racism.

  • TheMirorr on

    It is very hard to hear the words. Music is much, much too loud. Sadly I have to skip this episode.

  • GoodleShoes on

    The sjwness of this episode is tougher to hear than the story itself.

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