Episode 41 – Cool Air

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Nothing tastes quite as good as a crisp, clear drink of Cool Air.

Thanks to reader Rachel Lackey!

Our scene is set at the Chelsea Pines Inn.

Check out Bryan Moore’s Cool Air.

If only sewing technology had been around to give HPL a Snuggie

Next week: The Call of Cthulhu

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  • Aram on

    OK, technical stuff first: the editing was superb. If I didn’t know better I’d say you two were in the same room and not thousands of miles apart. On the other hand, it seemed like there was far less actual narration from the story than on previous podcasts.

    Second: the Kool-Aid Man commentary made me laugh out loud for real. And I was actually quite intrigued by Lovecraft’s comments regarding the cold. As someone who personally finds cold temperatures unbearable I was interested to learn that one of my literary heroes suffered a similar affliction.

    Third: next week: zomg 3-part episode please!

  • Pekka from Finland on

    Great show but I have a few questions as a non-american:

    So is the slanket/snuggie(?) like a backwards robe? Does it have a belt? Wth.

    Secondly, why do Americans usually refer to Europe when talking about Celsius degrees or metres when they’re basic units of SI (Internatioal system of units) and are used everywhere on our planet (except for a few nations)?

    I really enjoy your show and I wish you’d eventually do one for Clark Ashton Smith and Robert E. Howard too.

  • Johannes on

    I laughed out loud regarding the thing with the burned correspondence – I kind of missed that notion while reading through the story!
    The editing, scoring and narration was top notch! Bloody good audio quality as well!
    You’re really beginning to strike gold these weeks! I like it! Can’t wait till Call of Cthulhu!

  • Reber Clark on

    Truly enjoyed this week’s episode guys. Audio was fantastically improved. I really like the sound of Rachel’s voice as well. The creepy Kool-Aid Man discussion was hilarious! “Drink from him! Drink from him!” echoed in my mind. Why? I have no idea…just creepy. Looking forward to next week. All the best.

  • Mike Mann on

    This is perhaps the first episode after “The Move” that the two halves of the mix felt truly unified. Definitely sounded like you were in the same room again, and the pacing between each speaker was more natural than last episode. Kudos!

    On the whole cold aversion thing, I’m the opposite. I deplore hot weather. Anything over 72 is a day ruiner for me.

    Also, what’s it take to be a guest reader? 😉

  • Q The Muse on

    I just found your podcast and have been listening to it all day. It’s great to hear intelligent yet funny conversations about these stories. Thank you and keep up the good work. Do you have a facebook group page for promotions? you should if not

  • Chad Fifer on

    Hi Pekka-

    I added a link to the Snuggie commercial in the show notes so that everybody can see what a backwards bathrobe looks like…

    Actually, all of those cold people look a lot like cultists once they put one on. Hmm…

    To respond to the 2nd question (why do Americans refer to Europe for metric or Celsius when the whole world is on that system except for a few douchebags like us). Answer: Chris and I don’t think much before we speak. And in American schools they often refer to metric/Celsius as the British system. And Chris just moved, so it’s probably top of mind.

    This would all be solved if we could just measure everything in Snuggies.

  • CarlosMcRey on

    Good show, guys. I always liked this story. It’s interesting how with both this story and “In the Vault,” Lovecraft kicks things off with an ironic note. “You’d think that A B & C wouldn’t be scary at all, but let me tell you about how freaky even those safe things can be.”

    I have a theory regarding the French doctor that Muñoz was writing to, though I am unable to find any corroboration. It was one of a handful of stories that never went beyond the drawing board until August Derleth brought out The Watchers Out of Time.

    The first story, “The Survivor” involves a man who moves into a home previously owned by a Dr. Francois Charriere of Quebec, now deceased. The narrator pokes into the records and finds out that not only did Dr. Charriere have a curiously long life, but by some strange coincidence, appears to have had a French ancestor of the same name, who also led an extended existence. Not surprisingly, it turns out that both Dr. Charriere’s were the same person, who returns at the end of the story much to the narrator’s displeasure.

    I’d never realized the link with “Cool Air.”

  • Genus Unknown on

    I always assumed that Mr. Freeze up there was burning the incense to cover up his own rotting smell. I never made the magic connection.

    And man, OH MY GOD YOU GUYS ‘CALL OF CTHULHU’ IS NEXT WEEK. I am inconceivably excited about this.

  • Keith McCaffety on

    I read Cool Air a few months ago and enjoyed it. I enjoyed this episode of the show, too. Sound was indeed better this time.

    Haven’t been all that thrilled with the show for the past few weeks. I’m nowhere near ready to stop listening, though, don’t get me wrong!

  • Pekka from Finland on

    Thanks for the link. Bizarre stuff.

    Someone’s one step ahead of you with the ‘Snuggie cult’ video. Too bad it doesn’t come in Hastur yellow or R’lyeh green.

  • Kenneth Hite on

    Great show, guys, in every way, and Rachel did a great job with the reading.

    I like Carlos’ notion upthread that Dr. Charriere was the “French physician” from “Cool Air.” I didn’t have any specific story or HPL fragment in mind (and I doubt that Derleth did either, come to that); what I say in “Tour de Lovecraft” is that Muñoz’ global network of correspondents is a great hook for stories, not that it’s prefiguring any specific one.

    But having said that, it does kind of prefigure Curwen’s pen pal network in Charles Dexter Ward, doesn’t it?

  • J.B. Lee on

    55-60 degrees F is unbearable to me AND to my little sister, who once threw a fit in the over-air-conditioned store where I work and dragged me into it against my will: “Here’s my brother workin’ here, and he’s freezing to death – I’ll call the labor board,” etc etc.

    SO I could always relate to this tale; a minor entry in the HPL canon, but a very strong minor entry. Glad that you brought up M.VALDEMAR, because there’s a huge similarity there, regardless of Lovecraft’s denial of the influence. And you guys oughta read that, because it’s BETTER (i.e. creepier) than COOL AIR.

    Oh yah,I didn’t get fired or anything, so I guess it all ended happily. Anyone gonna fall in the cougar-infested angle pit next week?

  • Outa-Spaceman Being:52 on

    As a ‘Dalesman’ I have to say…
    Thank God for Rachel!
    At last! An accent I can understand!

    Mr. Lackey get her to take you to Brimham Rocks you won’t regret it.

    O.S.M. B:52

  • Azimer the Mad on

    Only Munoz and Gregory House could cause a seizure AND treat it at the same time. You got to have composure for that.
    Munoz actually comes out looking QUITE well behavior-wise for a Lovecraft plot person who drives the story with forbidden arts. Doesn’t even rant abusively at people like most others.
    So, do you think the Podcast will ever feature rewrites like the “Horror in the Museum,” or maybe some of the tales mentioned in “Supernatural Horror in Literature?”

  • Old Man Parker on

    CREEPY or EERIE magazine~
    Bernie Wrightson drew an awesome comic version of this tale for the Warren publishing book – it was in Eerie or Creepy. It’s top notch, noe of Wrightson’s best. His full page image of the rotting thing on the couch at the end is amazing.

    Once again the fact that Weird Tales turned down this story shows what a fool and idiot the editor was.

  • Old Man Parker on

    “Cool Air”, Bernie Wrightson
    Creepy, No. 113 (November 1979), 34-40.

  • Elderac on

    Hey, great cast. I concur that the sound quality is getting back to where it was before the move. As much as I enjoyed the loaner music, it was nice to hear your music again.

    Looking forward to the next several weeks. I didn’t realize tha CoC came this early (relatively) although looking at the list on Dagonbytes.com you are roughly half way through the list.

    Keep up the good work.

  • ElderCosine on

    To be honest, i actually liked the night gallery adaptation better than the original story. speaking of which, you will have to replace your hulu links, because soon it will be going PREMIUM. also, I was wondering if, when you finish all of lovecraft’s original works, will you move on to the other works based in Miskatonik Valley and the Cthulhu Mythos? or do you have something else planned?

  • Sam on

    Great podcast. I’ve always loved this story and the opening line about horror not always taking place in darkness and solitude. I always appreciate horror stories that take place in the sun.

    The whole time you were talking about the Kool Aid man, I was thinking about this Dane Cook bit. Cracks me up every time.


  • Mike Davey on

    For what it’s worth, some of us old English buggers still think in Fahrenheit.
    21c just sounds cold, compared to a nice 70f.
    Then again, I still think in pounds and feet, too….

  • bar1scorpio on

    Honestly? The best intro the Cthulhu episodes could have is audio from this…


  • Ed on

    Nah, I think the best possible intro would be one of the awesome, very well done HP Lovecraft Historical Society songs dealing with it.

    Also, yeah, I’m curious as to what the podcast will do when they run out of Lovecraft. 🙁

  • bar1scorpio on

    I think they’d shift over to discussions of other Mythos works. Like the anthologies from Chaosium and Elder Signs Press.

    High Seas Cthulhu is the book that got me hooked.

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  • Dave Swan on

    Man I’ve been wittering on about that film Chiller for years and nobody could remember it, I thought it was great.

  • Spencer D Meredith on

    I’m late to the party and listening through the back-catalog (I really dig it so far). I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not an expert in history but I wonder if the “once celebrated French physician now generally thought dead” could be a reference to the 14th century alchemist Nicolas Flamel who purportedly made it his life’s work to achieve immortality through alchemical means. Legends have circulated for hundreds of years after his death that he succeeded and his popularity his waxed and waned for years. I think it is more likely that the referenced French physician is a charcter of Lovecraft’s own invention that he simply never had a chance to introduce us to, but given his penchant for weaving historical people and places into his fiction I think it’s plausible that he could be talking about Flamel. Just some food for thought. Great job on the show, and looking forward to binge-listening my way through to the current episodes!

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