Episode 45 – S.T. Joshi Interview

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Join us as we chat with leading H.P. Lovecraft authority S.T. Joshi about The Call of Cthulhu, Lovecraft’s return to Providence, and much much more!

If you’re in the U.K., you may want to pick up Mr. Joshi’s new anthology Black Wings: New Tales of Lovecraftian Horror.

Otherwise – there are so many other great books to choose from – including Mr. Joshi’s seminal H.P. Lovecraft: A Life.

We’ll be off for one or two weeks, depending on scheduling – but when we return, we’ll be talking Two Black Bottles (we mean it this time!).

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  • MyFinalHeaven on

    Those interviewers *were* fantastic. Do you think you could get them to guest host one of the episodes?

    I’ve been thinking about where you can guys can go from here. From Leman, to Hite, and now Joshi? Clearly, your next step is to hold a seance and raise Lovecraft’s spirit for the At The Mountain of Madness podcast.

  • Aram on

    Noooooo! Don’t raise up what you can’t put down!

  • MyFinalHeaven on

    I don’t know, I think Lovecraft would be pretty easy to put down. Turn down the temperature and he’d lethargic and grumpy. “Cold! One of my many weaknesses!”

    I now have this image of Chris and Chad getting together to go digging for Lovecraft’s corpse. The question is, who is the passive one and who is the dominant one?

    “Beat it Chad, beat it! He won’t stop talking about great places to buy cheap suits!”

  • Aram on

    You’re probably right. It may be equally likely that upon being raised Lovecraft’s spirit would just faint straightaway.

    Personally, I see Chris and Chad more as the grave robbers from The Hound. Equals reveling in their debauchery until one of them is violently murdered due to past transgressions, causing the other to lose his mind.

    But that’s just me.

  • Reber Clark on

    Great ‘cast guys. I could have listened to S. T. for a much longer time. He always has fascinating info about Our Favorite Author. “Those interviewers” weren’t bad either! Seeya in a couple of weeks.

  • Chris Lackey on

    Oh yeah… I see Fifer and I as more like ‘The Hound’ creeps. But more creepy.

  • Niflungr on

    An idea for a cool guest would be Dan Harms. Maybe for when you guys do “Pickman’s Model” since he’s done a bunch of research on Ghouls.

  • Steve on

    I’ve only just downloaded the over 40 episodes of your podcasts and am listening to them daily, trying to catch up. Brilliant work, guys, but now I hear Chris and Chad in my dreams, no doubt the consequence of listening to your voices for three or four hours a day. Omigawd! It’s like you are Old Ones invading my dreams! Get out! Get out! Auuuuugh!!

    OK, that was just silly. Keep up the great work!

    By the way, what do you use to edit your podcasts and add sound effects? Public domain software or special stuff from your film-making backgrounds?

  • hppodcraft on

    Chris uses GarageBand on his Mac to record and sometimes mix. I use Adobe Audition (formerly Cool Edit Pro) on my PC to edit the audio and layer in effects. Thanks for listening!

  • M Donatelli on

    Hey guys just wanted to say I love the soundtrack. I’ve been listening to it quite a bit! The interview was really awesome; I hope you guys do more of that in the future. I’m looking forward to this weeks new episode. Take care!

  • David Clark on

    Like some of your other posters, I have recently discovered you and downloaded the entire run of episodes onto my ipod. I listen to them on the road, going and coming from work. They totally rock and make my whole freaking day! The problem is, I’m listening to them a lot quicker than you guys can produce them, and I’ll soon run out!! AHHHRR!

    Couldn’t you both just quit your day jobs and devote every minute of your time to doing these podcasts?

    Although I know that can’t happen, I do console myself with the fact the stories remaining to be discussed just get better and better! The Colour Out of Space, Mountains of Madness, The Shadow Out of Time, even Dreams in the Witch House (a flawed masterpiece, surely). I shudder with anticipation!

  • Reber Clark on

    not to mention The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath

  • Hastur the Incorrigible on

    Great work as always, guys. Can’t wait for the next one.

    Looking a bit further ahead, Niflungr’s
    mention of Pickman’s Model made me sit up and pay attention. It’s my favourite HPL story and I can’t wait until you give it the treatment!

  • James Rothwell on

    This really was a fantastic podcast – as were all the others, almost without exception. It is so refreshing to hear people tackle HPL tales with the vigour and passion that Chris and Chad clearly have. Joshi may well tower above other Lovecraft enthusiasts due to his prodigious range of knowledge but the light hearted discussions of this podcast, enthused with humour, make them a formidable match indeed. any thanks, James Rothwell, England.

  • Mark Martin on

    Hey, I hope all is okay. We love this podcast, and we look forward to the next installment.

    Say, by the way, “Open Circle Theatre” up in Seattle puts on a HPL play each October. I don’t know what they are doing this year! My wife starting taking me several years ago—the first year it was a surprise.

    In this little theater, my wife listened to the people around us, and turned to me. Under her breath, she said “They are all like you!”

    Indeed they were. And are.

    You should find an excuse to come see a play this October out here and do a podcast about it!

  • Reber Clark on

    I be missin’ my Cthulhu
    I be missin’ Chad n’ Chris
    I be missin’ Yoggie Sothoth
    An’ the beasts from the Abyss,

    I be missin’ Herbert Dubya
    I be missin’ Pickman too
    I really want my podcast
    So I’m sendin’ this to you…

    C’mon c’mon c’mon git yor Nec-ro-nom-on….i-con
    C’mon c’mon c’mon git yor Nec-ro-nom-on….i-con!

    (add verses at will)

  • Kallisto on

    What they said. And nice ditty, Reber.
    Seriously. I discovered your casts last week and have been listening to them at the rate of, like, 5 a day. I downloaded the Cthulhu and Joshi “episodes” to burn to DVD and to cherish and to add to my HPL audio collection. Seriously, excellent work. AND I got my Tour de Lovecraft today, bought the PDF. Great stuff. Now am pondering getting the new bio by Joshi… But 100 Dollars is a lot, even in Euros. Anyways, well done guys, greetings from Ireland.

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  • Longo on

    Strangely, Mountains of Madness was my very first Lovecraft. I was sixteen and I adored it, but I didn’t read any other HPL until two years later when I bought the Penguin edition “The Call of Cthulhu and Other Weird Stories” (with notes by Joshi).

  • Athiya on

    Forget the bag o’ Cthulhu (though it’s worth noting that my two year old dghauter loves her plushy of him), any idea where to get that figure sizing gauge in the background of the tan Cthulhu photo? I could use one of those!

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