Reading 1 – The Haunter of the Dark

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Well, we started podcasting from the beginning of Lovecraft’s career and now we’re audiobooking from the end.

Brought to you by the listeners of The H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast…

An all-new, hour-long, full story reading featuring the incomparably eldritch Andrew Leman



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  • Reber Clark on

    Fantastic! I am downloading “Haunter” as I type this. I am glad you will be taking your time producing Dream-Quest, I know it will be a well-considered presentation.

  • Aram on

    What Reber said.

    Also, I know you met your quota, but can I donate to the site anyway? The fact that you guys are taking the time to do this – and doing a damn good job of it – just makes me feel like I ought to give something back.

  • Mike on

    Is the audio intentionally wobbly and somewhat riddled with hiccups? To give it atmosphere? Good reading otherwise. . .

  • Brother Voo Doo on

    Cudos to the production staff all around (and Chris Lackey in particular for his award winning lurking and gibbering) for this fine audio presentation!
    Brother Voo Doo

  • Chad Fifer on


    No, the audio shouldn’t be wobbly or riddled with any hiccups… Anybody else having problems?

  • BogartBumquest on

    Awesome reading, listened to it twice so far. My favorite part is the reporter’s log. Andrew really brings H.P.’s voice to life and showcases the depth of his writting abilities. Bravo!

  • Reber Clark on

    No audio problems or glitches here. Download went perfectly smoothly as well.

    The piece is wonderful. Andrew is so much the best choice for a project like this. I feel very lucky to have a copy of this production. All I can say is…”more! more!”

  • Brown Jenkin on

    Andrew Leman, best reader ever!

  • John H. on

    Quite fond of Dream Quest here. Here’s hoping you guys find more to like about it than you had previously.

  • Elderac on

    This was a wonderful production. I really enjoyed it and look forward to the next one, for which I will willingly contribute again.

    Although all of the readers do a wonderful job, by and far my favorite is Andrew.

    This story was so good, I can hardly wait for the podcast to get to it, but then I realize that could easily be the last podcast, and that would be sad.

    Thanks again to everyone for all you do.


  • Travis on

    I was wondering when you guys were going to do a full reading and wow you guys did not disappoint. That was incredibly creepy and well read! Will you guys be doing more? Keep up the awesome work. Oh and you guys freakin crack me up. Good times!

  • AnythingQuiet on

    Very awesome job all around. This was a very enjoyable reading of the book. The music and sound effects added a nice spooky and horrific effect.

    Thanks again for this truely terrific audio book and the podcast anaylsis of H.P. Lovecraft. Now I can absorb his stories while working!

  • Cthul-khelele on

    This is what makes hppodcraft the perfect site for fans. The audio readings are a great compliment to the story discussions and analysis.

  • Brown Jenkin on

    In a perfect world, I would have an audio recording of every Lovecraft work read by Andrew Leman. I will donate to this podcast.

  • Stephen Perkins on

    I’ve been listening only for a couple of months, but have in that short time have listened to every podcast multiple times. Great work on on this full length reading, loved it.

  • Tim on

    Thanks again guys. That was fucking sweet.

  • Old Man Parker on

    Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!
    Andrew Leman is an wonderful story teller, and gifted actor!
    Thank you for such high quality pod casting.

  • Old Man Parker on

    I wonder what Lovecraft would have thought if he had been told that, in the future, his fans would raise $1,000.00 to hear a good reading of one of his stories?
    Would he scoff, and doubt it?
    Would he believe it?
    What would have happened if he knew he was a good as he was? Would he not try as hard, and then not become as great a story teller as he became?
    I always feel a little sad after really enjoying a good Lovecraft story – knowing that in his life, he never knew how great a writer he was.

  • Johannes on

    Holy Shoggoth! That was intense! I was listening to it whilst falling asleep in the night – and it was very creepy…

  • Gerrit on

    Enjoyed listening to the Haunter of the Dark. Next question… wil you do “The Shadow from the Steeple” too?

  • Corinna on

    Wow, that was wonderful! Thank you so much for making this available. I really hope that you do more… I’ll happily donate! Thank you!!

  • helios1014 on

    Worth every penny

  • Tim on

    Great production! Thanks so much for making it!

  • Shinitaika on

    It’s a testament to you guys that even after many listenings to this story I still expect a humorous and informative aside with every pause the reader takes. I wish there were similar podcasts out there with the same mixture of respect and irreverence. I crave more than one shot per week!!!!

  • Kristin on

    Just amazing! I hope there are more of these on the way.

  • Tim Scurr on

    Great work again, fellas, and Mr Leman did an awesome ob reading it. Had forgotten how good a story this was, and you say it was Lovecraft’s last he punched out? Real shame, I would have loved to see where this ‘three lobed burning eye’ thing would have gone, now that Blake foolishly unbound it. About nine or ten different kinds of tasty. Great quality ‘cast, really appreciated the reading of the reporter’s notes. The overlapping of notes gave it a real sense of urgency. Very good.

  • David Clark on

    I join the chorus of kudos, well done, gentlemen! You guys should investigate the idea of producing more such effective readings on a broader commercial basis. Libraries all over the country stock all sorts of audio books, most not nearly as good as this production was. Who wouldn’t want to get the sh*t scared out of themselves while driving home from work? ( I listen to the podcast in my car, mostly.)

    I picked up three of the H.P.Lovecraft Historical Society audio CDs at ComiCon last week. Those are very nice theatrical productions and really capture the feel of the Master’s stories, but this reading also did so while being absoultely true to the text.

  • Nattie on

    This reading was my first real exposure to Lovecraft; I’d only read snippets before and somehow the rhythm in my head didn’t get me into the right mindset. This reading, however, was incredible and scary! Now I have Lovecraft fever. I hope you eventually have full readings of all his stories; I would definitely contribute for more. I’ve searched around a bit for recordings as good as this but I’m afraid you’ve spoiled me!

  • Joe on

    Please Please Please do more of these. Having recently discovered your podcast while looking for audio books on H.P. Lovecraft, I can truly say in my own opinion that this was one of the best readings that I have heard. Andrew Lemen’s voice really drew me into the story, and has left me wanting more. Since then I have downloaded all of the past podcast and I’m quickly eating through them. Each excerpt I hear captivates me. So please please do more full stories if possible. I’ll happily donate!

  • The Gneech on

    I enjoyed this quite a bit, but I’m curious: why did you pick this story particularly?


  • Lugi on

    I thought that your production of The Call of Cthulhu from ’05 was fantastic all around and I’m looking forward to Whisperer in Darkness. Having it as a silent film was perfect and I think that this recording flows beautifully with the spirit of that time when you consider the popularity of radio productions. I really want you to make this an ongoing side-project of the podcast, even if there is only time for one or two a year. Mr. Leman’s sonorous and dulcet tones are great. And considering how quickly the funds were donated I would suggest even raising the cost.
    My closing comment is to ask you (if you haven’t already) to go and listen to what recordings are currently available of Lovecraft’s work. They are not bad, but they all pale in comparison with just the excerpts that Andrew read from “The Doom that came to Sarnath”. Please make more.

  • Alan on

    I’m sitting here at work, doing a bit of overtime and listening to The Haunter of the Dark. What a fantastic reading! The tone is perfect, as are the music and sound effects. I’d happily donate to help you do another one. May I respectfully suggest The Whisperer in Darkness? Oh, and I’ve also watched The Call of Cthulhu (thank goodness it’s Region 0, since I’m in England), which I thought was utterly miraculous, given the size of the budget. Your love and respect for Grandpa Theobald’s work is evident in every project. Thanks guys!

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  • Wolf on

    Great reading, great sound effects, great music.
    Thanks to Chris, Chad & especially Andrew – and of course to all those of the podcast listeners who donated to make that possible.

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  • Colleen Fottrell on

    Wonderful reading! This is the first time I’ve ever heard/read anything by this author. I will definitely read more. Thank you so much. By the way this story scared me as much if not more than Stephen King’s work.

  • Tyson Farrow on

    I’ve always wanted Andrew to do full stories ever since he read clips for the podcast, and I’m very happy that he decided to do so. I know this comment is kind of late, I haven’t visited the site in many months, and am now trying to catch back up. Amazing reading voice, as always.

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  • Lawrence Santoro on

    Thank you for the great work you’re doing. I simply wanted to mention that this week on Tales to Terrify, we’re featuring an unedited reading of “The Colour out of Space.” That’s at This show goes up on Friday, May 18, 2012. It is show 19 in the series.

  • W. H. Pugmire on

    This is the finest reading of a Lovecraftian Work that I have ever thrilled to. Great Yuggoth, perfect in every way. I wish I had this on cd disc.

  • PeteAmachree on

    I’ve just walked back through the cold, misty (no joke) streets of my town having dropped my daughter off at a sleepover, with this on my mp3 player. The piano and cello music as Blake is stealing himself to enter the church was a perfect, chilling soundtrack. I just can’t praise you guys enough for the production values of this reccording, and the site in general. When I’ve abseiled my own personal fiscal cliff I’ll be donating for sure.

  • Colin Peacock on

    Hi there – this link is no longer present/working.

  • Yegoth on

    What is that first song you know heavy doom metal intro?

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