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  • Reber Clark on

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for a very well-balanced ‘cast on this one. This is one of my favorite stories of Our Favorite Author. I must have read it when I was sixteen or so and fell in love with it. I had no ideas about “the hero’s journey” or any mythology, really, at all and this thing opened up worlds for me.

    Also, thanks for taking much of it as seriosuly as you did. BUT I laughed out loud at least five or six times during this podcast! I could see “Toonces” doing that handshake/meow thing – cracked me up! There was so much more fun in this ‘cast I can’t mention it all. Great stuff and handled well.

    At an early age I suppose I had read Lovecraft’s stories unintentionally in an order that actually allowed me to “get” many of his references in this story.

    I look forward to part two.

  • Keith McCaffety on

    You guys set me up to dislike this story, but I gotta tell ya, I enjoyed it. It held my interest, it was an easy read. Like you, I also dug the many self-references. And I liked the ending.

    What I liked MOST about it? It’s a fantasy adventure with ZERO CHRISTIAN BULLSHIT.

  • Andrew on

    Yes, we’re finally here. This is my favorite dreamland/Dunsany story. It can get bogged down, and it can get silly sometimes, but I really like how HPL draws everything together at the end, plus the final confrontation which is like nothing else in any of his other stories.

    Now to decide whether to listen to it now, or wait for the other (two?) episodes.

  • JBL on

    The reason for things like Carter suddenly knowing Cat Language is very simple: KADATH never got beyond a first draft. August Derleth found it after HPL’s death, written in longhand. (And WEIRD TALES rejected it!) No doubt HPL would have made changes if he’d ever rewritten the thing. (However, my whole theory may be shot down when we consider that THE CASE OF CHARLES DEXTER WARD was also no more than a rough draft!)

  • Mike Davey on

    I’ve never been able to read this story, other than about the first five pages. By which point I fall asleep or realise I’m staring instead at a spot on the wall.
    Yet you actually made it sound really interesting!!
    Tempted as I am to go back to the story, though, maybe it’s best left this way, with me, for once, being well-disposed towards it…

    Really looking forward to next week now – something I wasn’t expecting to be saying before I clicked “play”……

  • Brown Jenkin on

    I see this work as one half of Lovecraft’s own “Silmarillion”. Dreamquest deals with the mythology of HPL’s dreamworld and Mountains of Madness is the other half, constituting his mythological history of the waking world.

    Just like Tolkien’s Silmarillion, Dreamquest is dry and probably never meant to be seen by his readers. However, it does offer some insights and binding elements for the rest of his stories. And for that, I think it deserves some respect.

  • David Clark on

    Brown Jenkin,

    You make an interesting comparison with Silmarillon. When I was reading it, every time I got to a part that I really liked, I found myself thinking “Hey this is very Lovecraftian!” Did these two guys drink from the same secret well, or did JRRT read Lovecraft?

    You mention Mountains of Madness for his history of the waking world. I think we should include Shadow Out of Time as well. Those two are my very favorites, by the way. Not that that means anything, but they are the two stories I have reread the most.

    I’m currently rereading Dream Quest and I must say I’m enjoying it quite a bit. Its’ more fun than I remembered it being. I only read it once, forty years ago, when I was only interested in the horror aspect of his work. Now I like it all and the personal, autobiographical elements are especially interesting to me.

    I haven’t listened to this weeks’ podcast yet, I think I want to finish the reread first.

  • Aram on

    Several years ago a friend and I were both made to sit through different bad movies with our respective lady friends. Later we convened to grouse about our respective experiences. As it turned out we were each quite amused with the other’s retelling of their Bad Movie Night.

    That’s sort of how I feel about Dream-Quest. I would much rather listen to this podcast than attempt to re-read the actual story.

    HOWEVER: Chad is right. The cat attack on the moon is AWESOME.

  • Chrizzie Frizzie on

    Listening back to “the street” I had no doubt Fifer & Lackey would be able to make this an entertaining read.
    I have to say that I was all for the cat attack. It seemed very appropriate, and fit into my idea of mystical cats. I had found them striking enough already having eaten the creepy Zoogs, so I was all set to have them play a bigger part.
    I only wish it would have happened later. I found the city on the moon quite a powerful image and i think he could have milked it for more creepyness.

    I’m surprised to hear that Dexter Ward was a draft, I didn’t know that. I seem to remember that its one of his tighter stories (!).

  • chrisblue77 on

    Movie “Cat People” not the Vincent Price one.

  • mcglothlin.13 on

    “Come dream with me tonight…”

    -Teddy Ruxpin

    That’s one of the creepiest things I’ve ever read.

  • Reber Clark on

    Can’t wait to be giggin’ with da gugs!

  • Dave on

    I sprayed coffee out of my nose when Chad brought up “Thunder…Thunder…Thundercats!” Great show as always, I’m looking forward to the rest of Dream-Quest. Things start getting truly creepy from here on out, at least while R.C. is stuck underground gibbering with the ghouls (whose language Carter knows…of course).

  • Reber Clark on

    This is the mystic Comment Thirteen.

  • John H. on

    >>What I liked MOST about it? It’s a fantasy adventure with ZERO CHRISTIAN BULLSHIT.

    Hear, hear!

  • Reber Clark on

    Who is Zero Christian and why is he spreading such bullshit?

  • Keith McCaffety on


  • Chris Jarocha-Ernst on

    I haven’t listened to the other DQ podcasts yet, but did you know that Jason Thompson, whose “Strange High House” comic you liked so much, has also done an excellent 5-part Dream-Quest comic? Which someone else then animated?

  • Louise Sugden on

    There is one particular mental image which i have always had since i recently read the Dream Quest.

    I am from scotland and here we have advertisments for a personalised card making company called “moon-pig”. The logo is what i imagine the moon-beasts would look like… the spectacular-space-adventure-kitty-mobile i can handle…however the moon-pigs make me crack up.

  • Fred Kiesche on

    Chris Jarocha-Ernst mentions the animated film. Yes, it exists. I have a copy. I watched it last Halloween, the same night that I watched another Lovecraftian flick, something about telephone calls. ;0 The animated DQ of Unknown Kadath is pretty slow moving.

  • M David Cox on

    Careful with the disparaging remarks about the cat scenes on the moon. My Sugar had some choice words about that, & cats don’t forget.

  • christian bravery on

    Hey, i was just struck by the thought that the sailor tied to the altar under the sea that Randy spots with his telescope – this could be a nob to H.G. Wells character in ‘In the Abyss’ – which is a great and very Lovecraftian story btw, if you didnt read it yet check it out it has deep ones and mysterious rites and a giant cathedral made of old ships and skeletons!!!!! 🙂

  • christian bravery on

    …… ‘NOD’ rather 😉

  • bacon_dragon on

    You guys missed the Hypnos refrence. Early on Carter is told that one three have left Earth in the dreamland and one one’s come back. The protagonist in Hypnos is the guy that cam back.

  • David Malcolm Sommer on

    “Moon-Beast Rising”

    I see a moon-beast a-risin’
    I see trouble on the way
    I see nameless larvae flounderin’
    I see a greasy-looking quay
    Don’t drink wine tonight
    You’re bound to get Shanghaied
    There’s a moon-beast on the rise

    I hear the toad-things’ hellish piping
    Nyarlathotep is coming soon
    I hear impious, shocking whining
    Here in this town upon the moon
    Don’t drink wine tonight
    You’re bound to get Shanghaied
    There’s a moon-beast on the rise

    Hope you have got your cats together
    Hope you are quite prepared to fly
    Looks like you’re hurtling through the aether
    Monsters outlined against the sky
    Oh, don’t drink wine tonight
    You’re bound to get Shanghaied
    There’s a moon-beast on the rise
    There’s a moon-beast on the rise

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