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  • Hallvard Holte on

    After furiously F5’ing every minute the last month, it is here!

    I am going to relish this.

  • Michael Regier on

    “I overhead you talking of how young I look. Well, let me tell you that the secret is fresh air, exercise, and every morning I sprinkle a bit of mummy in my coffee. In fact I was worried that I was going to run out, but I just restocked. Of course they don’t let you buy just one. You have to order at least two dozen before they’ll ship them to you, but I guess I’m good for a while now. But you’re an army man. What say you come over to my farm and I’ll show you? Don’t listen to that idle talk about cries and sustained howlings. It’s a lovely place and I own cows, don’t you know.”

  • Reber Clark on

    Welcome back guys, now my world can continue. Nice episode. Looking forward to Part 2!

    Have fun at the LA HPL Fest. I’ll be at the Portland HPL Film Fest in October.

  • WiseWolf on

    Finally! Dont do it again, guys. I was this close to summon a Byahkee to go and fetch you.
    Welcome back!

  • JBL on

    I ran into this story early in that first delirious wave of Lovecraft fever, when I was 12 or 13 years old; a thin paperback found in the Kroger book rack, its cover a closeup of a man whose face appeared to be half-covered in Bisquick.

    I read it in a single Saturday afternoon. It made so big an impression that I began using the name “Joseph Curwen” (not Charles Dexter Ward or Marinus Willett, of course! 13 year olds are always drawn to the dark side)as a pseudonym and started writing everything in Olde English script, much to the annoyance of my schoolteachers.

    It remains my favorite of HPL’s three short novels.

    And this podcast is a great tribute to that story. Especially the Curse of the Mummy bit.

  • Chad Fifer on

    I love this from the book jacket: “…a man of dark visions who lived his fantasies rather than created them.” What? Lovecraft actually went through this?

  • Michael on

    The thing about using powders from mummies, people really did do this. From at least the Middle Ages the powder from mummies was believed to have some sort of medicinal property and it was in demand. They called it mummia. So Curwen’s cover story would have made sense.

  • Will Ross on

    I misread the title and had a stroke of genius: ‘The Cake of Charles Dexter Ward’.
    It’s about a demonic baker who keeps his cakes fresh for abnormally long periods using blasphemous means. A mere glimpse into his diabolical oven would drive a sane man MAD.

  • Keith McCaffety on

    The mass importation of mummies to New England MAY not have been so unusual – –

  • Rubin on

    The only book in my local library which contains Lovecraft is The Case of Charles Dexter Ward. Unfortunately for me, the library is very large and I can’t find it there to save my life.

  • Curwen, Joseph on

    Delightful (i.e. Disturbing) article on the health benefits and alchemical uses of Mummies and Corpses in general:

  • Brown Jenkin on

    Yay! The best show on the internet is back!

  • Christian on

    Yes! My favourite Lovecraft story. Moving from Dreamquest to this is like going from a blizzard to a hot tub.

  • Rea N. Mator on

    I believe “Dutie”, as in Dutie Tillinghast, is probably pronounced exactly like the modern word “duty”. Also, “Trismegistus” is probably “Tris-meh-geest-oos”, pronouncing the vowels in the ancient Latin style.

  • Reber Clark on

    “Trismegistus” transaltes to “the thrice great.” “Triz-meh-jee-stuss” is my take on it (close or same as Mator, above).


  • Steven V Turner on

    Been waiting soooooooo long for this one my fine fine podcasters!!!!!!
    It is by fare my favorite H.P.L. story of all time. Great job guys. Looking forward to next week.

  • Kent Jensen on

    For every hour past midnight that I cannot listen to part 2 of the Charles Dexter Ward podcast I must do a D4-1/D8 Sanity Roll. Please, I beg you, post the thing!

  • Bryn LaFollette on

    Excellent start on this great story! I must say I was really looking forward to you guys covering this one!

    Did anyone else wonder whether the guys in the posse that Ezra assembles are in some way intended to be some sort of forebears to other Lovecraft characters? I specifically noted Dr. Benjamin West and John Carter who I immediately brought to mind Dr. Herbert West and Randolph Carter!

    Also, Dr. Jabez Bowen any relation to good ol’ Enoch Bowen (also of Providence, RI), who would discover the forgotten tomb of Nephren-Ka and go on to found the Church of Starry Wisdom? I wonder if something of that night at the farm left a mark on the Bowen family that would lead to that later tragically dark turn…

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  • Zero on

    Why isn’t there a mention of the connection with From Beyond in the Tillinghasts? I thought it was an interesting connection between the two stories.

  • Godefroy de Bouillon on

    Il est dommage de na pas avoir cette série audio en français !!

    Bon travail sinon, les souvenirs de mon enfance remontent en surface en ecoutant cette histoire.

    Lost in the Gevaudan

  • David on

    Regarding the ancestral name, Nimrod was an ancient ruler known as a mighty hunter. Bugs Bunny sarcastically called Elmer Fudd “What a Nimrod”, meaning “what a mighty hunter, Not!” Most people don’t know much of ancient history and just thought Bugs was calling Elmer a funny name, not catching the sarcastic meaning.

  • EdwardVII on

    I am a recent listener to this podcast. I have listened to your podcast series on Charles Dexter Ward at least 3 times, this while reading the book on my iPod. I find you and your highly informative and entertaining. The humour by which you presented this made me think of what it would have been like if Lovecraft had lived long enough to write for The Patty Duke Show ( for ye olde tyme reference).

  • Reber Clark on

    Take a look at the H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society’s Dark Adventure Radio Theatre production of The Case of Charles Dexter Ward!

  • Ghooric on

    Your link to paintings is dead. This like is the best replacement I could find:

  • […] The Case Of Charles Dexter Ward has been adapted into an audiobook numerous times. It is available on Audible and here. It was also broken down admirably with performances on an early episode of the HP Podcraft Literary Podcast. […]

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