Episode 57 – The Case of Charles Dexter Ward – Part 4

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Join Chris, Chad & reader Matt Foyer as they journey out to the Pawtuxet Valley once again!

Our opening sample is from the late Dan O’Bannon’s adaptation, The Resurrected (who the hell ever decided to call this movie Shatterbrain?).

Hitchcock’s BOMB THEORY!

We’re glad to be back and thanks for all the support!

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  • attila on

    Hey guys, thanks so much for your great podcast. It brings me hours of spooky goodness. One of the best podcasts I have ever listened to.


  • Wesley on

    Hey guys, glad to see you back. Just wanted you to know this episode makes a great birthday present for me, twenty-three years since time began, woo. Keep churning out the top shelf stuff.


  • Aram on

    It’s great to have you guys back.

  • Poop Man on

    I always read Lovecraft when I do the poops.

  • Peter Etherington on

    Huzzah! Hip hip hooray! My weekly dose of irreverent Lovecraftian tomfoolery and insight has returned and gladdens my squamous heart.

  • Ilker Yücel on

    Welcome back!!!

  • Reber Clark on

    First of all WELCOME BACK! I know it was, and maybe still is, rough going, but it’s good to hear you guys again.

    Speaking of raising Lovecraft to ask a few questions….Joe Pulver in his book “Blood Will Have Its Season” has a story entitled “Lovecraft’s Sentence” where something similar happens – and it’s sort of a warning to those who copy Lovecraft’s style and ideas. Funny and scary all at once.

    I live in a house built in 1928 and it has one of those large stone caps covering something in the basement. I haven’t ever moved it, partly because of my Lovecraftian reading and fear of “noxious vapors,” and partly because I’m afraid that it may not cover worn stone steps leading down to an abyss.

    Looking forward to next week!

  • Stacey on

    I can’t help but think that the evil plan will run like the plot to the old Adam West Batman movie – instead of an army of dehydrated henchmen, they’ll use those essentiall salts to call up an army of historic figures.

  • Mirko Stauch on

    It’s great to have you back. Hope you are well.

  • James on

    Great to have you back guys!

    Another fine edition, made me realise how much I missed the show, in all it’s bigness.

  • Mike J. on

    Regarding “eating their heads off,” I’m pretty sure that’s just a figure of speech. An odd one for a 300 year old man to toss around, but just a figure of speech, I think. Later, when Willet is interviewing Curwen about the monsters in the basement, he says something about them not _needing_ to eat, but _wanting_ to. And then he laughs. So Curwen realizes that the ‘zombie’ guards don’t have to eat. Feeding them regularly would tend to leave a lot of bones around, or create suspicious ‘movement’ of meat (or victims) into the laboratory, and never out. Like when Curwen originally kept a large amount of cattle? Or used to buy a lot of slaves? Or there were a lot of bones washing up in the river during floods.

    Actually, the cattle and the slaves could go two ways: food for the guards (after the method of resurrection was perfected) and raw material for testing how to resurrect. First, you try small scale animal tests, then large scale animal tests, then human testing (on slaves), then you can easily resurrect your real targets. Can’t afford to waste or ruin their “saltes”.

    Imagine Curwen buying slaves by the dozens, casually killing them, burning them, and then trying to resurrect them. Paints a very sinister image.

    Anyway, good to have you guys back 🙂

  • Moritz on

    “eating their heads off”

    The german translation (Suhrkamp Edition) reads “denn es war nicht nothwendig, die Wächter in ihrer Gestalt zu lassen, so daß sie sich die Köpfe abfraßen” saying that if the guards keep their shape they will eventually tear off and devour (“fressen” means eating when you talk about animals) each others heads … literally!

    Great show!
    Greetings from Berlin

  • Aubri on

    Yeah, “eating their heads off” is a figure of speech for “eating a lot”. Remember how he had to import a suspicious amount of beef before? Point is, no need to keep the guards “in shape” — resurrected — and eating when you can store them as inert saltes and just call them up at need. Also, valise is pronounced “vuh-LEESE”. 🙂

  • old book on

    I thought the line about eati’g theire Heads off involved guards and prisoners, and Keeping theire Shapes meant keeping the bodies of the guards from oozing out into a strange loose collection of protoplasm, and yet “pigging out” seems better, and after all, there were too many cattle around the farmstead at all times, so someone must’ve been eating the cows…

    Thanks for not forgetting the podcast, guys. It would’ve sucked ye bigge One if we had got stranded on episode 3 of CDW. Condolences for your losses.

  • Bryn LaFollette on

    First, welcome back! Second, having just lost a dear friend last week, I deeply empathize with your state. Third, Mike J, Moritz and Aubri are right on the money with the interpretation, I think.

  • Brown Jenkin on

    Just watched “The Resurrected” on Netflix Instant Play. Awesome stuff. Although, I wonder why they changed “Dr. Allen” to “Dr. Ash”.

  • Reber Clark on

    Wow! I didn’t know “The Resurrected” was on Netflix On-Demand. Thanks for the tip! I’ve been wanting to see this thing ever since I heard about it. I’ve got it queued up and will watch it soon.

  • Reber Clark on

    Just finishing watching “The Resurrected.” Best adaptation of this story that I have seen. Richard Band’s score is very good. The music is much better than the schlock-fest stuff he has done with Charles Band’s productions that I have seen. Good job all around.

  • wesley vanroose on

    glad to have you back guys 🙂

  • Keith McCaffety on

    Excellent show! Welcome back!

  • Bassik on

    I’m glad you guys are back, this podcraft allways brightens my weekday that is otherwise filled with hard labour and depressing poverty.

    Also, Howy would have loved this.

  • Lisa Wintler-Cox on

    Does anyone else remember the phrase “laugh your head off?”

    Seriously been thinking a lot about you guys and wishing you well–but not writing it because then I say something lame like “wishing you well” when I meant something much more caring and sympathetic. Very glad you are back.

  • […] Join Chris, Chad & reader Matt Foyer as they journey out to the Pawtuxet Valley once again! Our opening sample is from the late Dan O’Bannon’s adaptation, The Resurrected (who the hell ever decided to call this movie Shatterbrain?). Hitchcock’s BOMB THEORY! We’re glad to be back and thanks for all the support! HPPodcraft.com – The H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast […]

  • Chadd on

    The reason it says “eating off their heads” is because “eating their heads off” is a split infinitive, which isn’t a big deal today, but back then was a glaring error. HPL is often a slave to grammar — he’ll often write something that sounds downright ridiculous before he’ll break rule of English grammar.

  • M David Cox on

    There’s a good short article, “Character Gullibility in Weird Fiction, or Isn’t Yuggoth Somewhere in Upstate New York?” by Darrell Schweitzer. In Discovering H. P. Lovecraft, as well as Essays Lovecraftian, both edited by Schweitzer.

  • Dr. Arthur Antebury on

    Wonderful stuff guys. I have enjoyed your podcasts for some time now. I had a laugh when I saw the “Shatterbrain” comment. I’m thinking that name came from the same type of people that were putting EXTREME and X-TREME on everything for a short time some years ago. Complete imbeciles. Keep up the great works!

  • Charlene on

    Hello!! I know I’m late to the party but when he talks about “eating the heads off” I immediately think of the Mountans of Maddbrss and the Shoggoths biting he heads off of the redirected being and maybe he kept them as guards like the old ones used to. Just a theory. Plus I think Shoggoths are super creapy and terrifying.

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