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So, Chris was editing The Colour Out of Space, Part 2 when his computer went down.

The episode is safe. It is comfortable. But we need to do a little maintenance on the system so we can finish putting it together, and it’ll take a few days.

Since we’ve been skipping so many shows lately, we didn’t want to leave you empty-handed once again. So we threw something together.

This week, Andrew Leman reads an original mythos story, and Chris and Chad head up a pulp action radio drama. It’s not your typical show, but it’s fun for the whole family!

Next week: The Colour Out of Space, Part 2 (really)

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  • Hallvard on

    Thank you so much for making this instead! Anything is better than nothing 🙂

  • Steve Foote on

    even the fillers are great!

  • Chris Lackey on

    Sorry for the delay! My computer is kaput for the time being but hopefully will be up soon and we’ll be able to get things back on track!

    Chad, I really do love that story. The pretend me had it right!

  • Seth on

    Even Great Old Ones can have mid-life crises, it seems! And the Leman Touch makes just about anything awesome.

    Loved the radio show, too! The cowards…

  • Ilker Yücel on

    Mr. Leman… a true thespian. A brilliant reading of what I think is a wonderfully humorous take on the Mythos. Between Seamus Cooper’s “The Mall of Cthulhu” and Neil Gaiman’s “I, Cthulhu,” this story (complete with Mr. Leman’s reading) is stellar.


  • wereguppy on

    The only reason I’m sad is because you guys do a really fantastic job. Thursdays have become a mini-Christmas for me since I discovered the podcast. But in light of how much time and effort you have put into this, I want to take this break in the regularly schedule to say thank you for 59 episodes that have been huge successes PLUS 2 commercial spots PLUS the unabridged reading of “The Haunter in the Dark”. There has been no slacking on this podcast and my only hope is that it makes it through all the works, regardless of how long that may take.

  • sgdurango on

    Try rebooting! 😛

  • Alan on

    Thanks chaps. Much appreciated. Very cool and UTTERLY BONKERS. Loved the story and the radio show. And don’t worry about mishaps over which you have no control. We’re all still here.

  • Carlo Nino on

    Wereguppy said it all.
    x2 from here.

  • Rubio Novacula on

    Something tells me Cthulhu will be flaying the already obviously frayed souls of Mr Kicks and Dr Go or at the least their alter egos Chad Fifer & Chris Lackey for this episode.

    Thanks for the filler guys. Lokking forward to pt.2 of colour out of Space.

  • Mirko Stauch on

    Andrew is a great reader. We should tell him to read ALL PL stories 😉
    Hope to hear you guys soon.

  • Reber Clark on

    Bwah-hah-hah! This was fun. Wasn’t there a punk (or alternative) album released in the late 80’s/early 90’s called

    “89 Parasite Breakfast”?

    Looking forward to next week. I’m sure it will go off…with flying “colours”! Bwah-hah-hah!

  • Aram on

    I was amused at how much Chad’s impression of Chris sounded liked Chad’s impression of himself, which sounded a lot like Pee Wee Herman.

  • John H, on

    Ya know, you could do these more often. I mean, when you finish with Lovecraft’s stuff you could keep it going, maybe partly with stuff like this? Maybe you could follow another early Mythos author, like Clark Ashton Smith?

  • ennui on

    Wow, that radio show was hilarious. I’d tune in to more of that!

    Looking forward to the rest of the story. Thanks for all your hard work!

  • Shinitaika on

    I must echo the sentiments of Wereguppy as well. I am continualy amazed to catch myself checking continuously for new episodes… I havent done that for anything since my old advent calenders as a kid!
    I would also venture to say that Mr. Leman’s reading this week was possibly the best of the series so far. (How many recording treasure do you guys have hidden away from aeons past?)
    I think my jaw dropped at some of the line readings!
    So much talent on this site, I thank the old ones for the focus you have chosen for your creativity!

  • crowbar on

    “Poor compensation”? What is this madness you speak? This filler episode was awesome! The Cthulhu story with Mr. Leman’s expert reading manages to be both hilarious and sad at the same time. Although Cthulhu’s thought processes may be alien to lowly humans such as ourselves, the idea of Cthulhu contemplating his incredible age is poignant. I imagine that when those sailors showed up in “Call of Cthulhu”, he must have been happy simply for the change in his usual routine.

    I love old-style radio plays as well, particularly “The Shadow” and the sadly short-lived “Girl Genius Radio Theater” based on the webcomic Girl Genius. I for one welcome more episodes of Mr. Kicks and his overly-competent sidekick Dr. Go!

  • Alan on

    John H is right. Extending the podcast with other Mythos writers would be great (assuming you fellas were still up for it). You could call it the “Lovecraftian Literary Podcast” – or somesuch. Excellent idea to start with Clark Ashton Smith, who had some pretty awesome ideas of his own.

  • Tim Scurr on

    Wow, Great Cthulhu sitting on the couch watching TV. Makes me think of ‘Married With Children’ for some reason. Now that’s elderich terror. Almost as disturbing as ‘stroke like you’ve never stroked before’ etcetera. Very funny. But to claim that the radioplay had nothing to do with Lovecraft is, I think, incorrect. One of Nyarlathotep’s lesser known names, besides Al Gore (the demon star, re: Beyond the Wall of Sleep) is Baron Backrub. Really.

    PS I know in the US ‘fanny’ (such as in Fanny Fahrenheit) references a lady’s butt. However, here in Australia the term is reserved for another part of female anatomy. Which makes ‘Fanny Fahrenheit’ sound like a medical condition best remedied with a topical ointment, and classique Victorian era erotica like ‘Fanny Hill’ about ten times worse than intended.

  • Fred Kiesche on

    That story…with that voice…I’m just glad I was not consuming liquids at the time or it would have sprayed out of the nostrils and my keyboard would have had the parasites of R’lyeh growing in it now…

  • Manndroid on

    Great save, guys!

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  • Joel on

    The Cthluhu story was AMAZING.

  • Alexis on

    Any chance of making the text of “Despite Himself, He Dreams” available? I really, really liked it, and would love to have a copy . . .

  • ArcaneGeek on

    Leman was great, but I kept imagining how it would sound read by Garrison Keillor

  • Trev on

    This is a brilliant art piece, I showed it to a libertarian friend and he knew the shark event was his true moment and what he based his experience n was problematic, I don’t know why this hasn’t resulted in anything, honestly I love it and think there should be more. I mean I had my Cthulhu tattoo after listening to this, this criticism is more relevant than ever.

  • B on

    I heard this once, a couple of years ago, and it is haunting. I relistened today, and I was amazed how much I took from it – remembered – It is an excellent peice of writing, and the music and reading just make it that much more. A beautiful short story.

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