Episode 64 – The Curse of Yig

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It’s Christmas time! What better way to celebrate then going over a collaboration with H.P. Lovecraft and Zelia Bishop!

This week, The Curse of Yig will chill you to the very bone!

Special thanks to our reader today, Sitara Falcon!

Next episode: The Dunwich Horror with Robert M. Price!

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  • Genus Unknown on

    Great episode guys, but I have to say right off the bat, “sententiously” doesn’t mean what you think it means.

    1a : given to or abounding in aphoristic expression b : given to or abounding in excessive moralizing
    2: terse, aphoristic, or moralistic in expression : pithy, epigrammatic
    — sen·ten·tious·ly adverb
    — sen·ten·tious·ness noun

    “…a smug and sententious writer…”

    “…a sententious crank who has written countless letters to the editor about the decline in family values…”

  • Robert R. on

    Really good creepy story. It’s interesting that the idea of a woman giving birth to monsters is revisited directly after in The Dunwich Horror, but we get much more of the woman’s perspective in this story.

  • The Dunwich Whotsit on

    Finally! Somebody else who says DUN-ITCH. Thank you, Chris! I thought I’d have to put up with an entire podcast of DUNWICTHES.
    Seriously though, can’t wait for the next one!

    I loved this one, too! I really wanted to use ‘sententiously’ in a conversation, but it means something different…damn it.

  • old book on

    Dun’ich, indeed. Can’t be said any other way.

    I just wanted to ask, and I haven’t even finished downloading yet, doesn’t the iTunes marketplace or whatever it’s called have ToS regulations against CURSING? I hope you guys aren’t locking yourselves out of the mainstream with this one, but even if so, what a ride, man. What a ride.

  • Chad Fifer on

    Oh. I guess I thought it was a terrible adverb because I didn’t know what it meant. Awesome.

  • Andy Tong on

    Not listened to the show yet, still downloading it. Just wanted to say thanks for all the great shows you’ve done, and to wish you guys and all other listeners a Happy Christmas and a prosperous new year… 🙂

  • Mirko Stauch on

    Hi, guys.
    It’s so great to hear you just a day before Christmas.
    And I wish you a merry Christmas. Cheers.

  • W. H. Pugmire on

    Very glad to see you covering some of the revisions. You probably know that S. T. has edited a two-volume set, THE ANNOTATED REVISIONS AND COLLABORATIONS OF H. P. LOVECRAFT for Bloodletting Press. I read this story when I first bought the Arkham House anthology in 1974 and it really got to me. It has lost some of its power over ye decades, but I am preparing for a new reading of it next year and I’m hoping it will “get to me” once again.

  • daniel kopfler on

    I’ve been a fan for exactly one year and I’ve read almost every book you’ve broadcasted. this is a treat for me since I don’t have alot of fans around my area but I am an avid player of the game and thanks to your last guest I have a new site so you guys are a blessing to guys like us out here in the boonies.

  • Genus Unknown on

    It’s a great episode, and Sitara Falcon does a great job, but I have to admit I couldn’t stop thinking of Bill Clinton and giggling a little.

  • Sitara on

    Great show, gents. I enjoyed being part of the fun. Please continue being witty, funny and entertaining (in that order).

  • Chrizzie Frizzie on

    hmmm… I’ve been listening to this a few times now and every time I’ve fallen asleep… No offence to neither Howard nor our two awesome hosts. i just feel it is as having to of my good friends chatting with each other and safe and sound in my own bedroom i am lulled to sleep knowing everything is alright. so i guess I am not contributing anything on the analysis until tomorrow… Zzzz

  • Marc Pappas on

    Really enjoying these shows. If you had never read “The Curse of Yig”, you may have never read “The Mound”. This also a collaboration or a “re-write” by Lovecraft of an Azalia Bishop story. It is quite a bit longer and more elaborate than “The Mound” and is superior to it IMO. Truly creepy

    Can’t wait for “Dunwich”

  • Sedge on

    One of the things I loved about this story (you know, other than snake babies) is how he straight up says that this woman (that most rare of beasts!) has a “toughness of fibre” that prevents her from fainting. I mean, back this train up– someone pointedly DOESN’T faint in a Lovecraft story, and it’s a CHICK.


  • Reber Clark on

    Yig! Pretty creepalicious. I need me some Yiggy Pudding for the holidays.

    C’mon Dunwich! And yes, I’m a sinner, I have always pronounced it “Dun Witch.” But I grew up in Arkansas and have lived in Oklahoma so gimme abreak or I’ll sic ol’ Yig on you, y’all! YEEEE-HAAWW!

  • old book on

    Does anybody know and can anyone tell me what a Yaddith is?

  • JBL on

    @old book — Yaddith is one of HPL’s extra-solar planets; it features largely in the HPL/E.Hoffman Price collaboration “Through the Gates of the Silver Key.” Boy, does it ever.

    As far as “The Curse of Yig” goes, it’s my favorite of the Bishop collaborations, and a topnotch Lovecraft tale, with a truly surprising ending. Yah, I know a lot of people hold out for “The Mound”, but that one didn’t grab me like this amanuensish herpetological Yiggification. He mused sententiously.

    And Sitara Falcon is great! “YEEGH ROOLZ HEER!!”

  • Eric Crabtree on

    Ok Yig dcared me a little. I’m use to these stories but this one creeped me the **** out.

  • Dave Swan on

    I think the Snake babies are an idea based on the famous story of the elephant man, A pregnant woman scared by an elephant and her child is born horribly disfigured looking somewhat like an elephant, H P would have been aware of this story, too long since I read the story, Is there a hint she was pregnant before the night in the cabin??.

  • Yunshui on

    Kukulcan is the Mayan equivalent to Quetzalcoatl, and he ain’t no lion. Still, this was an enjoyable episode. BTW, being in Iowa, it’s great to hear from some Iowa lads made good.

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