Reading 2 – From Beyond

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It’s time to explore the hideous air around us! Join reader Bruce Green in this full audio production of From Beyond!

This reading, together with The Picture in the House, is also available in glorious 3-D! Get full details and directions here.

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  • Jason on

    Bruce is a great reader!

  • Reber Clark on

    This was really really good. Bruce was perfect. I rarely say that about a reader other than Andrew (Leman) but Bruce Green is a fitting and perfectly appropriate voice talent for certain of Lovecraft’s stories. A great listen. Chad, again, fantastic job on the sound design and overall production values. Well done everybody.

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  • Joel on

    Excellent work guys, I got chills during this.

  • Eric Lofgren on

    Excellent work everyone!! Andrew was, of course, brilliant as always, but Bruce Green’s work on From Beyond is by far my favourite of all the podcasts. The sound design is perfect, as well. Can’t wait to try the 3d.

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  • Ross on

    Excellent. I especially liked Bruce’s rendering of Crawford Tillinghast’s voice. Thanks for the work you are doing.

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  • George on

    In the lay few months of finding Love craft stories I have found Noone else whose voice has so drawn me in more than Bruce Green!

  • Colin Peacock on

    Hi there – this link is no longer present/working.

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