Reading 3 – The Picture in the House

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It’s time to get creepy with Andrew Leman in this full audio production of The Picture in the House!

This reading, together with From Beyond, is also available in glorious 3-D! Get full details and directions here.

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  • Antoine D on

    Woohoo! I always thought The Picture In The House was a vastly under-appreciated story; thanks guys for giving this awesome early HPL tale the sententious treatment it deserves.

  • attila on

    Thanks again guys, these are gonna be great 🙂

  • Carlo Nino on

    This is terrif. I need something to listen to on the trans-atlantic. This will top the bill.
    You guys never disappoint. Thanks for all the hard work and never lowering the bar.

  • Reber Clark on

    Haven’t done the 3D yet but the stereo production is fantastic! Well done all around – Andrew (of course the best), the sound design (Chad! amazing) and production values (top). This was well worth it. 3D next!

  • helios1014 on

    There was a well timed lightning strike just as I heard the end of Picture in the House. Mest moment ever.

  • Brown Jenkin on

    Great job, everyone!

  • Keith McCaffety on

    Classy little retro-graphic there! Love it!

  • Andrew on

    Pure audio artistry and abounding talent. Loved it so much I just sent a donation, and everyone else should do the same.

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  • Daniel on

    Gosh, I can’t express how much I appreciate your work! Obviously I am an enthusiast of the written woks of H.P. Lovecraft, but I also enjoy the art of public reading. The direction you are taking podcasting of the works of Mr. Lovecraft make me want to jump out of my seat in joy every time I see that new material is available.

    Keep up the excellent work.

    BTW, I am conducting an experiment on my four year old son to see if he is receptive to your art. Buhahahahahhahahahaha!

  • Eric Lofgren on

    I just listened to it in 3D. For those that haven’t yet, do it. It’s incredible. Most excellent work you guys!! And thank you!!

  • Cult45 on

    This story always gets to me, even though its not the typical Lovecraft story. Weird how Lovecraft prefigured the real life cannibal Ed Gein who in turn inspired Psycho (Robert Bloch) / Texas Chainsaw. It’s noteworthy when someone makes the inspiration to a fictional archetype / genre, HPL took it one further by being an antecedent to the original real life counterpart too. Gein used to fuss over books about cannibals, occult, war atrocities, and became inspired to perform the acts himself. I wonder if Ed had read the story, or is it a horrible coincidence. I’m certain Robert Bloch when he wrote Psycho noticed the similarities.

  • Charles on

    I was hoping for a bit more clarification on the directions. Do they mean that we should burn the two extra tracks to two cd players, and place one to our left and the other to our right? Or merely play the three files in three different players?

  • Chad Fifer on

    Sure Charles. The first track will cue you to play the other two tracks. You can play them from CD players, computers, iPods or any other devices. They need not be placed anywhere specifically – differences in players and placement should make it a unique experience.

  • Jeremy on

    I heard the full reading of this story at a festival (Ephemerisle 2011, at which our houseboat was “The Love-Craft”). I’m incredibly happy to have found this podcast.

    I received the ending of the story much differently from you. The thunderbolt, I imagined, wasn’t lightning at all; it’s the narrator being brained by the cannibal as he stands with his eyes shut against the horror of the dawning realization that he is about to die. The “thunderbolt of thunderbolts”, bringing oblivion, saved his mind—but not his life!


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  • Colin Peacock on

    Hi there – this link is no longer present/working.

    …And also these error notes are getting flagged as spam, now.

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