From Beyond and The Picture in the House in 3-D!


Our two new readings can also be enjoyed as an hour long double feature in glorious 3-D audio!

Here’s how you do it:

Download this file and play it from your primary device (right click the link and “save as”).
-When the recording prompts you, the two tracks below should be played from two other devices:

Get together with some friends, dim the lights and enjoy!

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  • Harrison M on

    Hey guys I am a new fan of your work and i just wanted to say that i love it with a passion no homo (Chuckles), but anyways i just wanted to thank you for making such a great podcast and that If it weren’t for you guys that I would have not gotten in to Lovecraft as I am now so thanks 😀 . Anyways i know that you made this 3-D thing a while ago but still i loved it and i had to comment so yea thanks for reading this comment if you did. :]

  • Chris Bannister on

    Hi Chad and Chris,

    Brilliant podcast! The HPLLP was the very first podcast I listened to and I never miss an episode. Professional, informative and above all entertaining. full marks guys, keep up the good work.

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  • ande spenser on

    I’d love to be a subscriber but Paypal hates me. If you can let me pay using my credit card without having to make an account I can do that, or if I can pay using a money order, check, or some other way that would be fantastic.

    I can pay for a year or six months if that is easier.


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  • Fox on

    Thank you Alice! I think people are relaly going to enjoy the Everyday Artist series. It is amazing how many people are walking around with talents we don’t even know about; and when they share them, we are all blessed!

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