Episode 74 – The Whisperer in Darkness – Part 1

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We’re back with an old favorite, The Whisperer in Darkness!

Joining us on our journey into wild Vermont are guest Andrew Leman and reader Matt Foyer, a couple of the folks behind the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society’s film adaptation, playing at festivals now!

And that’s not all – our show is accompanied by musical selections from the film, composed by none other than Troy Sterling Nies!

P.S. – if you haven’t caught our pilot/short film The Ward yet, you can see it here!

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  • Reber Clark on

    Oh yeah, O yeah, da boyz iz BACK!!!

  • Antoine D on

    Woohoo! It’s been a long slog through some junk (Medusa’s Coil, The Electric Executioner I’m looking at you), but now we’re back into the good stuff.

    Also, guys, I’ve heard about your technical issues with the show, and I’d just like to say that I really appreciate all the hard work you do to put out one of the best podcasts around.

  • Tom McCambley on

    I also want to say how much I’ve appreciated this work, and that I very much enjoy every new episode you put up. WiD is my favourite HPL story, and if the first episode is any indication (much like your CoC ones) that these are going to be my favourite episodes!

  • Dreamhead on

    oooh yea babe,can’t wait to listen to it πŸ™‚

  • Brian on

    A few years back, I did a New England roadtrip and along the way we visited some of those isolated Vermont wooded roads. Yeah, still creepy almost a hundred years later.

  • Reber Clark on

    Aahhh…the podcast is back and all is well (except for those creatures washing down in the flood).

    Having you all back – Chris, Chad, Andrew and Troy’s fantastic music is like a homecoming. I’m 1/2 way through the podcast and am enjoying every single minute.

    Seeya in the woods!

  • Stephen on

    Sothoth be praised! those boys hath returned…

  • Aram on

    Love love LOVE this story. Downloading the podcast right now.

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  • Lambda on

    Awesome. Simply awesome. Good to see you guys rollin’ again!

  • Arthur Wyatt on

    Good to have the show back!

    BTW, just a quick correction: Necronauts actually ran in 2000ad in 2000-2001, not mid to late 80s. Both Frazer Irving and Gordon Rennie have gone on to do other Lovecraft related works and are thoroughly worth checking out.


    Also I think the poem Fungi from Yuggoth may precede Whisperer in Darkness as far as mentions of Yuggoth go.

  • Andrew Leman on

    Thanks for the brilliant editing you guys!

  • Troy Sterling Nies on

    It’s an honor to be part of the podcast again and as always, your show is quite informative and entertaining. Looking forward to the next installment!

  • Emperor on

    Just following up on Necronauts – it has been out of print for a while but a new edition is being released in time for Halloween.

    Fort and Lovecraft team up again in Fort: Prophet of the Unexplained, which has the same artist as Necronauts – Frazer Irving.

  • Al Bruno III on

    Great as always. The only bad point was having to wait for the next part!

  • BigRuta on

    Great cast! This is (yet another) of my favorite HPL stories. And how perfectly Lovecarftian is it that Richard Crenna came back from the dead to be your reader!!! Just kidding Matt : ) You do a fantastic job.

  • Marcus Good on

    Whee, some crypto content I can comment on! πŸ™‚

    I don’t really think of Fort as being that involved with cryptozoology; aside from some reports of sea serpents, he generally avoided that aspect. Bernard Huevelmans is pretty much considered the “father” of the field, especially as he invented the term. Fort, on the other hand, produced some very philosophical passages on the nature of understanding, such as his expressions on how colours are simply variances of a wavelength – so how does one distinguish red from yellow, since there are colours in between? He also summated the interconnectivity of systems with “One measures a circle beginning anywhere”.

    The Alien Big Cats phenomena is still a worldwide notable; we have similar sightings here in Australia of cougar or panther-like animals, both in the Gippsland region and the southwest corner. The UK has an *extensive* history. The real issue is how to explain a lack of remains, despite all the predation of livestock.

    But I think Chad is right about the cougars, in that cougars have over the past few decades made massive recovery incursions into places they were pretty much considered “extinct”. It’s entirely plausible one *was* seen, and it moved on. There have also been unusual sightings of jaguars in the Texas area, and “large lions”, which have been argued as being circus escapees, or somehow-surviving cave lions.

    The “mi-go/mi-gou” is one name for the yeti, others include the metoh kangmi, and the Sherpa term yeh-teh. Huevelmans analyses the etymologies though, suggesting “yeti” is pretty much “that thing there”, and mi-go being the most accurate (being either “fast man-creature” or “(neuter)man-creature”). It’s also worth noting that it was the 30s when Westerners really began to take note of the reports, but it wasn’t until the 40s/50s that the idea of this creature being a large ape-man type of thing became fixed in the communal mind, hence why HPL maybe struck upon the term and the concept of unknown creatures in montane places.

    Lastly, there are copies of Necronauts floating around online as cbz/cbr files; ideally, I’d have purchased a copy, but given their rarity, I had to make do with a scanned version. IIRC, it was originally serialised in that bastion of British comics lore, 2000AD..

    Thanks for a great show, Chad, Chris and Andrew!

  • Cult45 on

    The whole winged bug-like super sentient beings also seem as a proto-mothman sort of thing (human agents/MIBs etc.), terrific stuff. The mothman prophecies movie also seems to borrow some elements from this story like the prerecorded voices/ doppelgangery.

  • Reber Clark on

    Oh man! The new site design is G R E A T ! ! !Fantastic! Extraordinary! Truly Lovecraftian!

  • Reber Clark on

    But…wait a minute…when I posted my previous comment I was thrown back in time to the OLD site! Is this a time portal? Are there Yithians at work here? Should I start writing a cosmic journal for the Akashic Records?

  • Reber Clark on

    Now my comments are on the NEW site. Those Yithian Jokesters!

  • Mike Mann on

    Thanks Reber! Had some weird technical problems getting it up and going earlier today – sounds like you popped in while I was in the middle of it!

  • W. H. Pugmire, Esq. on

    The new look for the site is absolutely spot-on — wonderful. It feels eldritch on ye eyes. It’s been a while since I have read this story — been wanting to wait until I see ye new cinematic rendition — but I am tempted to go ahead and listen to this new offering from you’s fiends.

  • Marcus Good on

    New site is good!

  • johnsr83 on

    Nice new site love the spooky green

  • Fred Kiesche on

    Excellent start to the coverage! I never made the connection between Charles Fort and the character of “investigator” in the Chaosium “Call of Cthulhu” RPG, but it seems like a good match from the background mentioned. The music from the film is also excellent, I’ve got money in my hands ready to order the DVD!

  • daniel kopfler on

    make some hats!! I buy hats!

  • steven lackey on

    Love the new web sight, now I can read the coments while I hear the show.

    Saw the fery funy WARD

    Keep up the good work!!

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