Episode 78 – At the Mountains of Madness – Part 2

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Prepare to receive transmissions from reader Joe Fria, composer Reber Clark and special musical guest Humanoids as we continue our trek up those crazy Mountains of Madness. (You can pick up the Humanoids’ new EPย from their site right now!)

We’ll be back next week with more freezing cold action – stay tuned and don’t forget to donate – we’re about halfway to our goal for the new Cats of Ulthar and Cool Air readings!

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  • mtoler on

    Great stuff as usual guys. I, too, had the hardest time picturing the Elder Things when I first read this story. I kept thinking what i was picturing couldn’t possibly be right; only to have it confirmed by artistic interpretations.

    By the way, there’s a great Shackleton documentary called THE ENDURANCE which is well worth checking out.

  • Eric Crabtree on

    Speaking of the Thing I always thought of it as a combination of Colour out of space and At the mountains of madness. Glad I wasn’t the only one to see Lovecraft influence.

  • Shaun on

    There is another story inspired by ATMOM. Before they formed Big Finish Productions to do officially licensed Doctor Who stories they were the makers of the fanmade Audio Visuals and they have a heck of a story called Endurance.
    An ancient city? Check! A sleeping threat? Check! Finding out that humanity is pretty much hosed if these creatures get out? Check! But honestly, a good story, solid acting, and above all the special effects for the audio were fricking awesome! Just thought I’d add another story influenced by our favorite writer.

  • Michael Bryan Walt on

    Another fine podcast. Reber Clark’s music is just freaking EPIC, and the Humanoids are, to quote Mr. Freeze from the ol’ “Batman” T.V. series, “Wild, simply wild!”. I’m going to be checking Clark and the Humanoids web sites after typing this missive. Enjoy Mr. Fria’s reading. He has a 1920’s radio feel to his voice that adds atmosphere to the story (as if this tale needs any more atmosphere). Listening to the podcast has me wanting to read ATMOM again, which will make it the — let me think — tenth time I have read it in my life (I’m 51 now). Again, thanks for the highly fun and really enjoyable listening.

  • Steve in San Francisco on

    Serious suggestion…
    After you conclude the episodes about ATMOM… Why not do an episode on “The Narrative of Arthur GOrdon Pym”? The connection is surely significant enough to justify it. I bet a lot of people haven’t got round to reading it.

  • Alan Baker on

    Starkraving Moorcock?! Priceless! On the subject of cool Lovecraft-inspired films, personally I think the best has to be Alien. In fact, Dan O’Bannon said that he intentionally set the screen story in Lovecraft’s universe, and he apparently liked the idea put forward by one early reviewer that the planetoid where the Nostromo lands might be Yuggoth (notwithstanding that Yuggoth is really Pluto). O’Bannon also thought of the alien creature as “a blood relative of Yog Sothoth”. Anyway, great show as usual guys.

  • Aram on

    My favorite Lovecraft-inspired movie is Ghostbusters. Just sayin’.

  • Lambda on

    Awesome episode, looking forward to the next. Keep up the good work!

  • Alan Baker on

    Hey, Aram, ARE – YOU – A – GOD?!

  • Marshall Arts on

    Just picked up the Humanoids EP from Bandcamp…awesome!

  • Weatherly on

    Strangely enough, I grew up in Peabody, Massachusetts.
    We always pronounced it “peebuddy” though, rather than “pee-body”. I wonder if they’re two different words.

    Anyways, great episode; looking forward to next week’s!

  • Marcus Good on

    Heh heh, Chris calls it the “Crustaceous” period at one point.. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Keith McCaffety on

    I’m about half way through Arthur Gordon Pym. This is intense stuff! It’s like a cross between Melville and Lovecraft. I urge everybody to read it!

  • Sean Liddle on

    Great as always guys though a tad short… sheesh, dragging it out to 10 weeks aren’t you. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Two more ATMOM inspired shows: Doctor who and the Seeds of Doom (two dvd set is full of awesomeness): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Seeds_of_Doom

    and the X-Files ep, Ice: http://x-files.wikia.com/wiki/Ice

  • Shawn R. Lear on

    I think you guys need to accept that Necronomicon Studies are a core requirement for a Bachelor’s level degree at Miskatonic. I think everyone’s read it because they had to take the friggin’ requirement course to move on to Junior year.

  • Andrea on

    Thanks, guys, for making the Cthullium t-shirt available for women: just bought one to help support the podcast and wish I could do more. ‘

  • Dark Wanderer on

    If I were an academic and the Necronomicon resided at my university I would feel almost obligated to crack the cover and take a look. I believe that’s why all of these guys are informed on it. It’s a prized collection piece.

  • Heliconia on

    The waterlogged Zeus statue reminded me of an art installation in Toronto a few years back. The artist left a statue at the bottom of Lake Ontario for a year or so, so that it would be encrusted with zebra mussels when he pulled it out again.

  • chrisblue77 on

    You should do s full reading and post it on iTunes, it would be head and shoulders over the junk that’s there now. Do the story the same way you do the pod cast music some sound. Sell it for 10-15 bucks, I cant rember if iTunes take is 40 or 60%?

  • Aram on

    Gotta agree with Dark Wanderer. We’ve got people here in the real world going into the rare book stacks in libraries looking for the Necronomicon, I don’t think it’s so unlikely that in the universe where it actually exists students and faculty alike would be sneaking peeks at its forbidden knowledge.

  • The Dunwich Whotsit on

    Avant-garde Lovecraftian hip-hop?
    So much better than it deserves to be! Seriously. It’s awesome and I hate hip-hop with a passion.

    Also, this podcast was awesome. As always!

  • The Doctor on

    It sounds like the _Necronomicon_ is a lot like _The Matrix_ was in the late 1990’s.

    “Here’s your brand new DVD player, and here is your complimentary copy of _The Matrix_…”

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  • Joyce NA on

    I love the The Thing directed by John Carpenter. I remember seeing the film at Scifi Channel (now SyFy)when i was about 13 or 14 years old. That film really affected my love for horror to the extent. Luckily i have the DVD of it! Never gets tired watching it. A true wonderful adaptation of the short story, mush better than the 1951 version. not my cup of tea, especially when the thing was a Frankenstein-monster reject. i understand that tecnology of films was not as good as now but still, i felt the director didn’t try hard. Love that you made that reference of that and love your podcraft!!

  • Joyce NA on

    Go to this site: deviantart.com
    type in “H.P Lovecraft” “Lovecraft” “Cthulu myhos” “cthulhu” or any titles from the stories like ATMOM. its an art site that delves in to anything but you will enjoy the artwork and interpretation of the artwork.

  • Dr. Arthur Antebury on

    I read the Necronomicon for the articles, not the dirty illustrations.

  • Ghooric on

    Zeus link is dead. Here’s a replacement: http://www.getty.edu/art/collection/objects/19457/unknown-maker-statue-of-zeus-enthroned-greek-about-100-bc/

  • 57thKafka on

    Seriously, you only need to look as far as Wayne Barlowe to find out what the Old Ones look like: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barlowe%27s_Guide_to_Extraterrestrials

  • ShrewdManeuver on

    I wanted to watch Prometheus after this, then I remembered the self surgery scene.

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