Episode 81 – At the Mountains of Madness – Part 5

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It’s only the very history of mankind!! Tune in to the new show with special guest, author I.N.J. Culbard (check out his graphic novel adaptation –  available here in the U.S. and here in the U.K.

Damn! Is that more fresh music from Reber Clark, accompanied by the smooth vocal stylings of reader Joe Fria?

Yes. Yes it is.

Hey – you can buy Reber’s soundtrack right here. BOOM!

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  • Traveler on

    Great episode and three resounding Iä!s for my beloved Nottingham!
    So far, the series on the Mountains of Madness has been your best. I am really looking forward to hearing The Shadow over Innsmouth episodes.

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  • Genus Unknown on

    I’m in love with the image of some cowboy Elder Things bustin’ Shoggoth broncs. I picture them wearing Stetson hats and five boots.

  • Alan Baker on

    I’m with Chad on the Old Ones’ attempts to “sally forth” into the interplanetary aether. It’s a very charming, early-twentieth-century way of expressing it, and quite strange and funny to hear. I can almost imagine them smoking pipes and wearing flying goggles, their white Ascot scarves billowing out behind them as they take off.
    Anyway, fantastic series, guys, on one of my top three HPL stories (love the graphic novel, by the way). Personally, I can’t wait for your take on The Shadow Out of Time!

  • Bob on

    Really looking forward to this one. Great to see you guys doing justice to Lovecraft’s finest!

    Incidentally, I can’t find Reber’s soundtrack on Amazon UK. Is there somewhere else I can get hold of it?

  • Reber Clark on

    Hi all,

    Yep, the soundtrack is only available right now as an MP3 download from Amazon USA. I didn’t know it wouldn’t go international when I signed up with them.

    I am looking at placing my stuff on CDBaby.com sometime soon which, as I understand it, would be available worldwide for download from many different services.

    I will keep you posted. You can contact me through my website/blog thing at reberclark.blogspot.com

    Can’t wait for Episode 6!

  • Grandpa Theobald on

    As ussual, great stuff! Though I’m surprised you guys still haven’t done ‘Out of the Aeons’ yet. That one’s a gem, and has a surprise cameo by one “Swami Chandraputra”. Two other good ones are ‘The Hoard of the Wizard-Beast’ and “‘Till a the Seas”. Hope you Guys do some of those pretty soon!

  • Reber Clark on

    Dear Gramps,

    I had not recalled those collaborations. Thanks for pointing them out!

  • Mike Davey on

    Grampa Theobald:
    The guys are doing these stories chronologically, and two of those collaborations are in the “future”.
    As for “Wizard-Beast”, though, I’m pretty sure that’s got about as much HPL input as this post has….

  • Marcus Good on

    Honey Badger versus Cthulhu. Whoever wins, we lose.

  • Justin on

    I’ve been listening forever but this is the first time I’ve posted. Another awesome podcast, very entertaining!! This is one of my favorites stories and I’m glad it’s getting a nice treatment from you guys. I’m also stoked because I just recieved notification that I.N.J Culbard’s graphic novel version of “At the Mountains of Madness” just came in the mail! Keep up the good work!

  • Andreas on

    Shame those MP3s are US only…

    Reber, have you considered http://bandcamp.com? I’m hearing good things

  • Sedge on

    I gotta say: I found chapter 7 to be terribly annoying, for I am always contrary. I don’t want the full explanation of the monsters, the world, and everything; it stops being creepy once you copy-paste the entire backstory of the creepy thing into the story. The mystery is dead! Go back to explaining nothing, Wuvcraft!

    Being a few chapters short of the end of the show, I can only pray that some reason is given for how exactly the narrator gets a hold of all this detailed information. That must be one hell of a bas-relief…

  • Marcus Good on

    http://palaeos.blogia.com/2010/012401-titanes-vol.-2-aves-.php – just worth noting for some comparative images of prehistoric penguins and their ilk alongside humans for scale.

  • Alan on

    Thanks for the post, Marcus. I’ve always been slightly dubious about a penguin’s capacity to intimidate – no matter how big. But looking at the one in your post, I have to say if I saw one of those things waddling towards me, I’d pee my pants and run like hell!

  • Grandpa Theobald on

    Silly me, I completely forgot something. Concerning his reccomendation to explore several areas where there may be Ruins: You must keep in mind, the statement isn’t discouraging exploration simply because ‘Mankind wasn’t ment to know some things’. The reason he’s trying to keep people from exploring the Artic and Antarctic is because of certain ‘Things’ which got left behind. The areas he’s suggesting get searched likely hold no such danger, and so discoveries there would simply addd weight to his pleas. Totally should have mentioned that earlier, but I forgot to.

  • Brown Jenkin on

    Hmm. Looks like Joshi’s blog is down.

    Anybody know what that’s about?

  • Keith McCaffety on

    Very engaging episode guys! About our place in the universe: I remember seeing a documentary about an elephant walking through the desert. There were tiny, complete ecosystems springing up around his dung. That’s the analogy that came to my mind on reading this. We arose from the leavings of higher beings as they passed through.

  • Phil on

    Great Episode – hmm, Freud, Adler, Erickson, Fifer! Wow, Chad, just wow!

  • Reber Clark on

    Hi All – my stuff is now AVAILABLE INTERNATIONALLY at reberclark.bandcamp.com!

    The album/tracks are posted and in a day or so the financials should all be in order!

    Thanks to Andreas for the suggestion to use bandcamp.com!

  • Reber Clark on

    …and thanks to Chad Fifer and his desert brother Cahd for suggesting bandcamp.com as well!

  • Reber Clark on

    Financials are now in order and the site is live. Go for it!

  • engineer27 on

    Gratuitous HPL reference:
    find it at about 9:15.

  • Alan Baker on

    Yeah, Alan Moore on The Infinite Monkey Cage throwing in a reference to HPL. I nearly spilt my strong sweet black coffee when I heard that! Chad and Chris, how about asking Moore to guest on the show? That would be awesome!

  • Michael on

    I’ve listened to many of your podcasts and this was the best one by far. The combination of how you handled the material and Lovecraft’s finest hour was perfect.

  • Sean Liddle on

    Had to think about this for a week. I believe that the protagonist who is trying to convince others to not travel to the Antarctic (as opposed to the ARCtic) is not contradicting himself when he suggests that persons drill in various locations around the world. Buried old cities that fell many millenea ago are likely just ruins and such (though drilling is less likely a method of investigation than say, oh, excavating…) The city in the ANTarctic is however rife with beasties in torpor, ready to eat your face and deficate salty badness. Know thine enemy through investigation of their closed out cities, but stay the hades away from their main base?

  • Akeel Ahmad on

    Hey Guys, I only discovered your awesome podcast a few weeks ago and working my way through them.

    Listened to the description of a Shiggoth amd it sort of reminded me of the Shap[eshifting Founders from Star trek Deep Space Nine….
    Great podcast guys, keep up the good work

  • Ghooric on

    Amazon link not working.

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