Reading 4 – The Cats of Ulthar

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Dim the lights and slink into some mythic Lovecraft with reader Heather Klinke, as we learn the story of The Cats of Ulthar.

Recorded at Rocketwerks in Santa Monica, CA.

Produced by Chad Fifer, w/music by Fifer and L. Erickson (you can dig on more L. Erickson at The Spider Translator web site).

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  • Genus Unknown on

    Bravo! I’ve lately been working on memorizing “The Cats of Ulthar” for purposes of getting to sleep at night, and I’ve been dying for a good HPPodcraft-style reading to help with the task. It was well worth the wait!

  • Joel on

    Thank you so much for using the music from the original episode in this reading. I LOVE that sad song used in this.

  • Reber Clark on

    Oh excellent job! Heather is just fantastic in this. Perfect tone and pacing. Fifer and Erickson’s music was great all ’round. A great addition to Lovecraftian listening! Thanks for this production.

  • John on

    Splendiferous feline-fatale!

  • Renae on

    SUPER voice work! Kudos!!
    Plus I love the sound effects and music at the end. 🙂

    As a cat lover m’self, this already gets points. But then factor in old memories of that movie “Sleepwalkers,” and surely what was in Stephen King’s mind when he wrote about the boy w/the “crippled arm” from “Crouch End” (in “Nightmares & Dreamscapes”), and it’s even better! ^_^ Love it!!

  • Old Man Parker on

    Wow! What a treat! Great reading, wonderful music, love it love it love it!! Thanks for this!!!!

  • Colin Peacock on

    Hi there – this link is no longer present/working.

    …And also these error notes are getting flagged as spam, now.

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