Reading 5 – Cool Air

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Close your eyes and chill with reader Rachel Ford Lackey as she leads us through Lovecraft’s Cool Air.

Recorded by Paul Maclean at Innsmouth House Studio (check out Paul’s excellent podcast & HPL miscellania at

Produced by Chris Lackey with music by Chad Fifer.

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  • Genus Unknown on

    Mrs. Lackey is fantastic as usual; I have to admit I’ve never been particularly crazy about “Cool Air” as a story, but she sells it extremely well, and might change my opinion! Well done!

  • Marcus Good on

    There should be a special episode of the show where the Ladies Klinke and Lackey host 🙂

  • MediaGhost on

    Outstanding! This is easily the finest production of Cool Air extant. Extra-special thanks to Mrs. Lackey for a magnificent reading. Brava!

  • Grandpa Theobald on

    ^Marcus….That…..I….YES!! IT MUST BE DONE!!

  • Mouldy Squid on

    Mrs. Lackey has a beautiful and attracting voice and her intonation during the reading is spot on and matches the tone of the story.

    You could fall in love with that voice.

  • Reber Clark on

    The ****ing sounds at the end!!! Excellent touch! (I won’t give it away). Rachel’s performance is clean and exciting as usual, yet provides the over-arching creepiness the story requires. Chad’s music enhances in just the right way. Great job again!!!!

  • Antoine D on

    Great story and great production! The HPLLP is my absolute favorite podcasts, not only because I’m a huge Lovecraft fan, but because of the incredible amount of time and love you guys (and gals) obviously put into each and every episode!

    By the way, saw this today on Know Your Memes and thought of you:

  • Sean Liddle on

    hey.. you chnged the origina text:

    “Evidently he found the society of a well-born man a rare novelty in this dingy environment”


    Evidently he found the society of a well-born WOman a rare novelty in this dingy environment

    I think. I was driving when I listened to it.

  • Barbara on

    Hey, I took your advice and downloaded the podcast to take to Cyprus. It should help against the humidity and heat!

  • Old Man Parker on

    Great reading! Loved it! I still remember the Warren magazine version of this by Bernie Wrightson… was it in Creepy magazine? Or Eerie Magazine? One of my fav HPL stories! Thanks!

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