Episode 86 – The Shadow Over Innsmouth – Part 3

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We’re back with reader Andrew Leman and guest Matt Burriesci on our voyage into the deep end. CONGRATULATIONS MR. AND MRS. LACKEY!!

Special thanks to our musical guest, Misty Roses!

If you’re into fighting, haunting and 1980s teenaging, check out Fifer’s novel Children in Heat (available for the Kindle here in the US, here in the UK and here in Europe.

Drinking game for this episode: every time Lackey says the word “swastika” just like Sean Connery, take a shot.

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  • Traveler on

    Another cultist lurking to come out of the dark! Congratulations!

  • kyle everett sember on

    … So… are we going to hear more about the fez? LOL! Congratulations!

  • David on

    I’ve recently found your podcast and I’ve been devouring the back episodes.
    I thought you might be interested in knowing that there is an Innsmouth reference in the MMO game Rift. In the south of Freemarch, one of the starting zones, there is a town called Lakeside Outpost. When you interact with the people they seem somewhat odd. the merchant sells odd food like Algae Shakes and Seaweed Soup. You are asked to investigate and soon find that most of the towns inhabitants have been replaced by “Deep Ones”, creatures from the elemental plane of water.

  • Erin on

    Congratulations, Lackeys!

  • Sean Liddle on


  • Justin on

    Another great show guys. Love “The Shadow Over Innsmouth” and think that these are some of your best episodes. Loved the intro using audio from the movie “Humanoids from the Deep” too. Wish you would have mentioned that for those who may not know where its from. Maybe a link in the show notes? I think “Humanoids” is much better then Gordon’s “Dagon” which I didn’t care for much at all.

  • Eric Crabtree on

    Congratulations on the baby. But did you really need gold and fish?

  • arnor on

    congrats lackey!

    are there plans of releasing the book in another format (ebook or just plain old paper)? i’m quite interested in reading it but i don’t have a kindle and am not planning on buying one :S

    ps. great episode!

  • helios1014 on

    Don’t let the gouls switch your baby.

  • Chris Lackey on

    Thank you all! On Fifer’s book, he might someday go print. But you can get kindle readers for PCs, Macs, I pads and the like. But I’m sure if you e-mailed him he would send you a pdf or a word doc or something. He’s cool that way.

  • The Dunwich Whotsit on

    Congratulations Chris! Just one thing…


    And Chad, congratulations on getting published. This news pleases me.

    Also, awesome episode! These keep getting better, must be the cacodaemoniacal sorcery of Chris’ fez….
    I liked Stuart Gordon’s ‘Dagon’, don’t know why. Sure, there’s a ton of pointless and irritating changes he made, but sure, Re-Animator’s that way too and people love it.


  • Aram on

    I always thought of the hotel and night flight sequences as the “adventure game” portion of the story. There is an inventory puzzle (the changing out of the lock), timed events (getting through the doors into the adjoining rooms) and frequent map-checking. This story always seemed like it would be fun to play.

    Just one more set of tropes created by Mr. HPL.

  • engineer27 on

    One thing no one has commented on is that people are having sex with the frog-fish!! Presumably, some of them are actually enjoying it. Which means that there might be a market for Deep Ones porn. Titles might include “Debbie Does Innsmouth”, “The Sensual Reef”, “Undertow of Desire”, and “Deep Gill”. The Deep One porn stars would probably have great names, but the only one I could think of was “F. Moray Abraham”, and frankly I don’t see him getting all that much work. I’m sure the fans of HPPodcraft can help me out with some really good names. Hit it!

  • Mike Davey on

    Not too sure about the concept of Imnnsmouth porn, other than I know I wouldn’t want to see it in “Smell-o-Vision”!

    Chad – enjoyed your story. Cost me £150 for a Kindle, though, so some more would be good…..

  • Dark Wanderer on

    Aram: check out Anchorhead – a text adventure game from the olden days. Google it, it’s available.

    engineer27: check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tentacle_erotica

    for Deep One type “porn” – ick.

  • Dsvid Clark on

    You’re doing a great job on Innsmouth, always a favorite of mine. Lately I’ve been reading the collection of HPL’s travel writings and I have been struck by the similarity to “Shadow over Innsmouth”. Almost the entire first section is actually a travelog or guide book to the town of Innsmouth. This story was written in HPL’s post-New York period, when he was traveling every summer as much as he could afford to do. He was writing the same sort of descriptions of walking through the ancient streets of Charleston S.C. or Quebec as he presents of the fear-haunted sea-side town in SOI. Kind put this story in new light for me.


  • Alex M on

    Congratulations Chris and Rachel!

  • Fred Kiesche on

    For the “Gillman” or “Gilman” hotel…take a look at Charlotte Perkins Gilman. I believe her story “The Yello Wallpaper” was one that Eich-Pee-El read. See: http://www.manybooks.net/authors/gilmanch.html or http://www.manybooks.net/titles/gilmanchetext99ylwlp10.html

  • Aram on

    Dark Wanderer – thanks for the great tip! I had no idea such a thing existed.

  • EnigmusPrime on

    I think the reason the townsfolk are after the narrator because Zadack told him to much.

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