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  • some guy on the Internet on

    Great episode! Maybe the best yet; those were a fantastic couple of interviews. BUT I do have to point out one oversight: Arkham’s colour-contaminated tap water. I wouldn’t want to go to Arkham on that basis alone.

    Regarding the Donovan Loucks interview, now that he’s found the Curwen house, the obvious next step is to find the underworld of unspeakable horror he keeps on the outskirts of town.

  • GoodleShoes on

    Thank guys, really great episode. I look forward to this podcast every time something comes out. Keep up the fantastic work!

  • Kyle on

    Hey, according to, it’s Howie’s birthday! Happy 121st, Gramps!

  • Lance Miller on

    Karel ?apek introduced the word “Robot” in his 1921 novel R.U.R.

  • tom morganti on

    DL, I am looking forward to that book! Excellent series on Innsmouth, C & C.

  • JB Lee on

    Guys! The most dangerous place of all is ARKHAM, because if you drink the water there, you’ve had it!

  • Grandpa Theobald on

    I gotta go with JB. With Arkham there was Whilbur’s death, Asenath’s Zombi possesion sort of thing, The Witch-House with it’s bizarre angles that blur the dimensions together, the Island with the ancient ruins where Nyarlathotep sometimes holds Court, the abandoned Graveyard catacombs where Herbert West’s experiments STILL thrive in the Darkness, the valley with the White Stone around which Witches hold sacrafice each year, various Ghouls and what-have-you, and THEN the water is poisoned with Colour. Drink it, and you are FINISHED. With Innsmouth you’re okay so long as you don’t go prying about their past, and even then you can survive by converting. I mean, you’d have to f**k a Fish-Frog, but hell! It might actually be FUN for all you know!! Then with Dunwich: Pretty much the only bad stuff was that one extension of the Whately line, but ‘Ol Wizard Whately and the Twins are long gone. All there are are the Standing-Stones, and they dynamited those! The of course, Kingsport is safe so long as you:
    1. Don’t piss off the Terrible Old Man.
    2. Stay away from the Strange High House in the Mist.
    And 3. Don’t go near there around Yule.
    Really, the only place that even comes CLOSE to the level of danger Arkham has are the wild hills of Vermont, and that’s only if you f**k with the Mi-Go. ^_^

  • Christopher Horn on

    Fascinating show. Loved it! Really enjoyed hearing of the background and thoughts of scholars. Thanks so much.

  • Martin A on

    Price is right in that Yoharneth-Lahai is a name from Dunsany, but it is not a place, it is a god (The God of Little Dreams and Fancies).

  • James Kirk on

    I don’t know about anyone else but I would love to visit Arkham, Innsmouth, etc if they existed. Sure you would have to be a bit careful but how could you say no to their combination of New England’s picturesque charm and the possibility of mind blasting revelations man was not meant to know?

  • jasons on

    On my last re-reading of Shadow over Innsmouth I was struck by another possible interpretation of the protagonist’s acceptance of his watery fate: the sometimes-horrific ability of human beings to adapt to anything. Pop culture thrives on portraying nazis as “inhuman” as opposed to perfectly normal people swept up in a terrible cultural phemomena. The very word inhuman (almost always used to describe common, if undesirable, human behaviors) seems like an embodiment of denial as to our true (frequently horrifying) natures.

  • The Dunwich Whotsit on

    I’d visit Arkham maybe for a short holiday, but only buy bottled water. There’s a few nasty things around there, but still, it’d be nice, I’d imagine.
    Innsmouth I’d only pass through during the day. They don’t like outsiders at all and there’s friggin’ Shoggoths in the boarded up houses!
    Kingsport would be nice, I think. I’d love to have a snapshot of the Strange High House in the Mist, but I wouldn’t spend Christmas there.
    Funnily enough, I think Dunwich is the safest – all the nasty stuff is long gone. The Twins, Old Wizard and Lavinia are long dead and the standing stones demonlished. Hell, it can’t be too different from the numerous isolated villages in the West of Ireland.

    On a further note, I got my mother to read Shadow Over Innsmouth. She liked it, but said every time HPL had written ‘shew’, it reminded her of Ed Sullivan.

  • Dark Wanderer on

    Thirteen! I could listen to Bob Price and Don Loucks all day. Lovely show!!

  • sgdurango on

    An awesome take on this story is in a song by The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets. Such great lyrics:

    The Innsmouth Look

    I met her at the EOD
    She sank her dew claws into me

    We stepped out to watch the tide come in
    She said a little swim would do some wonders for your skin
    I shed my old self, slipped into the sea

    One glance was all it took
    She gave me the Innsmouth look

    I dig her batrachian lips
    Her bulbous eyes and scaly hips

    She’s got secrets but they’ll soon be mine
    Oh, Father Dagon smiles upon me from the bas-relief
    And something’s fishy down at Devil Reef!

    Obed was a sailor
    He sailed the 7 seas
    He made love to the fish
    He made love to the fish

  • JimO on

    War of the Newts is a fantastic book with some great satire throughout. reminds me of the Deep Ones too.

  • dedguy on

    Just in time for the end of the presentation of Innsmouth on the Podcraft, this week’s Haven on SyFy was an Innsmouth-esque story. Albiet a much more accepting version of the story without the monstrous transformations (sadly). One should never pass up the chance to have fishmen on screen.

  • James Kundart on

    It’s a little early for this, but just in case there’s anyone who hasn’t seen it, YouTube has a musical version of this story in under 2 minutes:

    My apologies if this has been posted before.

  • Cuchulain on

    Hey, all. I was trying to find the article/book/whatever referred to in this podcast. Does anyone know what it’s called, where it’s published or some other info?

  • ArcaneGeek on

    Sighted: Ben 10 Ultimate Alien episode 43 has a Scientology-like religious order that calls its inner circle the Esoterica. They secretly revere ancient alien Dagon. Unfortunately no half-fishmen were found in the episode.

  • r'obb on

    I know I’m hella late but I really dug this series of podcasts on the Shadow Over Innsmouth. Really good insight and interviews. The excerpts make me want to buy the DART cd’s even more and I am looking forward to listening to them. Great job and great podcast. It is because of this quality and the great free readings you provide that I am going to subscribe.

  • Ryan Thomas on

    What an amazing podcast! The research, the humor, it’s all so entertainingly educational. It’s easy to tell that your friendship is a Deep One (glub, glub). Also, the discussions and comments of fellow listeners connect with me to the core. I will visit their posted links once I finish my cheese and crackers.

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