Post Comment 4 comments on “New Merchandise Graphic for the Holidays!

  • The Dunwich Whotsit on

    This needs to be a real game.

    Right now.

  • Grandpa Theobald on

    I agree with Dunwich Whotsit. Get a Time-Machine, kidnap Lovecraft, and have Him co-design this for the NES back when the system first came out.

    At best, it will get sequels for later Systems, perhaps even here in Modernity. At worst, We’ll have a great game for the NES. XD

  • Mike Mann on

    My intent was to hearken to the old Atari 2600 cartridges, but some got a later Atari 800 version, which were sometimes ported over to the NES, anyways. (M.U.L.E. being a good example of 800 -> NES )

  • Sean Liddle on

    I can never ever really get the theme to M.U.L.E. out of my mind.. crap, there it is again..

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