Wishing everybody a Happy New Year’s Eve and a wonderful 2012! We’ll be back the 2nd week of January with The Thing on the Doorstep!

She Might Have It Comin'
Happy New Year!

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  • William Bielski on

    PRAISE SCHUB NIGGURATH! My very favorite HPL story is up next.

  • Genus Unknown on

    While “The Thing on the Doorstep” is one of my least favorite HPL stories, I am looking forward most eagerly to the triumphant return of the podcast. And it does have a cool title, so there’s that.

  • Dark Wanderer on

    Ready for the New Year! Although it may be our last year of the Olde Earth at least we will have the podcast to lead our way into the peace and safety of a New Dark Age.

  • tom morganti on

    I have a picture of the Haunter of the Dark church in Providence (c. 1972) if anybody’s interested. signed, S. Trapazeedon

  • P on

    Haven’t read this story yet, is this story about the time Benn Grimm joined a Jehova Witness church?

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