Episode 104 – The Shadow Out of Time – Part 1

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Join us as we ‘cast a Shadow Out of Time!

  • Check out the HPLHS radio adaptation of this story, starring today’s reader, Andrew Leman.
  • Thanks to musician Reber Clark for providing background trax – you can see his film Lovecraft Paragraphs in full here, or buy any of his great music here.
  • The song excerpt in the opening is Shadow by The Primitives. The closing song excerpt is from Lazer Gun by The Human Aftertaste.
  • Check out this article on the discovery of the SOOT manuscript.
  • Or this one, on zombie ants!
  • Or this one, on how your cat is driving you crazy!

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  • Alejandro on

    I don’t know about you guys, but this is my favorite Lovecraft story. Thank you for doing this guys.

  • JimO on

    definitely my favorite, lays out such an amazing timeline of the civilizations on earth. hope you dig this like many of us do.

  • Snoop on

    Bittersweet feelings here. “Shadow” is my favorite HPL of all but, after this, it’s not long until the end. I sincerely hope you’ll keep the podcast alive through some other means. I’ve gotten so used to looking forward to your witty banter that, if you quit altogether, I’d feel as though I’d lost contact with a couple of friends.

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  • sean liddle on

    I swear the singer of that band sounds very familiar… And thanks a lot for mentioning the cat feces parasite. I discussed it with my wife and now I’m going to a cat show this weekend. I will document the sightings of crazoids on my website..

    also: http://iwastesomuchtime.com/on/?i=24410

  • dave swan on

    The wasp things still creeping me out, there’s a whole bunch of stuff in Nature that is just way way too weird.

    I take it after all the HP stories are sadly gone you will be doing selections of HP inspired works???, the mans legacy spans beyond his own writings.

  • Graf von Altenberg-Ehrenstein on

    Finally! My favourite internet show covers my favourite HPL story. I `ve really been looking foreward to this one and it is a nice episode. Lots of interesting background, engaging discussion and of course your fine sense of humor. You made this day much less bleak for me. Thanks guys.
    As for that Swami Idea: cool thought, but I think the stranger at Peeslees house is just another Yithian in a human body who helps his buddy back home. They seem to need assistance in that process and i don `t think they would depend on Non-Yiths nor would they risk sharing their secret.

  • Chris 'Vulpine' Kalley on

    Knew I was forgetting to do something *donate*

  • Kyle on

    here’s some yuks about it:

  • Odilius Vlak on

    Really this episode blew out my maind in the same way than the story did the first time I read it. Any remark about this masterpiece is useless… damnit we’re dealing here with a fucking cosmic revelation as important as the relativity theory of Einstein.

    And what about the history of the manuscript’s survival? Sure the Ancient Ones looked after it.

    As for the future of the show… well, there’re a lot of Lovecraft realated stoff written by his friends. It’s not a matter of Lovecraft, but of his Myths and all the writer who put his grain of sand in it.

  • T. Kelly Lee on

    It’s a flatword that invades ants and forces them to be eaten by sheep! It’s an awesome little guy. Plus, my brain has been taken over by cat parasites. It’s how they make me worship them.

    I was remarking to my wife not long ago how sad I am that I read all the HPL stories when I was just a kid…you can never get back the fun of reading one for the first time. I’m incredibly envious of Chad getting into this great story!

  • Erica on

    I just finished Shadow out of Time yesterday…right before listening to the podcast. I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would, and I find the whole idea to be extremely creepy.

    Also, just to let you know, I enjoy your bizarre tangents immensely. Keep doing them. They’re funny, and the longer you take on stories, the longer we have to savor the last few stories left!

  • Cambias on

    For more on creepy-cool parasites, check out Diane Kelly’s “Parasite of the Week” postings at http://www.sciencemadecool.com. Or look for Carl Zimmer’s book Parasite Rex.

  • Moritz on

    thanks for another amazing episode.

    A few people here have already posted the idea to cover at least a selection of HPL inspired works once you run out of original stories. Excellent idea if you ask me. And when you are done with that, how about a dozen or so stories of HPL’s influences (Machen, Lord D …)??? I know a lot of HPL fans that have read those names a million times in biographies but never a line from the authors …

    And just in case you grow a little tired of HPL … I have a feeling you guys would produce an excellent „Scary Science“ podcast as well …

    Take care and thanks again for the show!

  • beerclark on

    [in the voice of Andrew Lehmann]: …my God… the shorts that should not be named… my life be forever peacefull had I never imagined those cursed shorts….

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  • Cthulhio on

    I don’t want to be “that guy”, but I thought that this was actually kind of a weak episode. The long, rambling, distracting period between the opening reading and when you actually referenced the opening reading seemed really unstructured, which hurt the flow a lot to me. I had to listen to the reading again by the time you referenced it. I really like the show, and I don’t mean disrespect.

  • Kuranes on

    You guys mentioned The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets once (your second episode)but never again. I hoped you’d play “The Innsmouth Look” during your coverage of that story, but they have a whole concept album based on this story (“The Shadow Out of Tim” (sic)) that has some great songs on it.

  • Chad Fifer on

    No worries, Cthulio (I’m imagining Fabio with facial tentacles). Unfortunately, we meander a bit on the next episode, too, but we’ll get back to basics when we tie the story up:) Appreciate the feedback!

  • Dark Wanderer on

    We lubb da meanderin’!

    +1 meanderin’!

  • Dark Wanderer on

    Check out this very cool poster of Chris and Chad for “The Shadow Out of Time”!


  • Stanislav on

    I must admit that story is my personal favorite too. Worth waiting for.

    Also wanted to share these cool photos of a cyclopean building built by a presumably extinct race:


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  • BreeLandwalker on

    One of the creatures on the magazine cover made a cameo appearance in an episode of Futurama (the one where Leela almost marries a shapeshifter…check out the wedding crashers: http://www.futurama-madhouse.com/fashion/2acv09weddingdress2.jpg).

    Ending music reminds me very strongly of Powerman 5000. Must look up that artist for more tunes!

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