Episode 105 – The Shadow Out of Time – Part 2

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It’s just us – and our – Shaaaaadow Out of Time!

Well, and our reader, Andrew Leman, whom you can catch at The Stockholm H.P. Lovecraft Festival this March!

And, of course, we feature music once again by Mr. Reber Clark!

Opening excerpt from Shadow Dancing by Mr. Andy Gibb.


Thanks to Steve Santiago and the great guys at the Lovecraft eZine for the cool poster!

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  • Unspeakable Gibberer on

    Always love Steve’s work! great episode once again fellas.You definitely help my Thursdays at work go a lot easier. At least for a half hour or so. Cheers!

  • Keith McCaffety on

    Primer (2004)
    Best sci-fi movie of the past decade. Touches on your ideas about time travel.

    Shadow Out of Time is not one of my favorites. It’s too formulaic, even predictable, if you ask me.

    Speaking of formulaic: Quantum Leap? Can’t stand even a mention of it. God, what an awful show. That ending you describe sounds less like The Prisoner and more like Lost (another bullshit show).

  • Todd Margaret on

    I’m looking forward to the live show in Leeds. I’m from Leeds. I don’t live there now, but I grew up there. I mean I was born there — before my dad moved to the states. He still lives there. I mean he lived there. He’s dead. Be sure to drink ThunderMuscle while you are there. Yum!


  • Ian on

    Hmm, I’d really like to go but Leeds is just over 3 hours from London. I’d never get up for work on Thursday.

  • Longo on

    The ending of The Prisoner. Oh. My Goodness.

    Anyway, great podcast (as usual). I read The Shadow out of Time before I read the Through the Gates of the Silver Key, and when I came across Swami Chandraputra I instantly thought of the guy in Shadow.

  • Erica on

    Another great show! I agree, the Great Race were major jerks. Then again, they’re probably a touch nicer than some of the other races in Lovecraft…

    Also, that poster is now the desktop for my computer.

  • Jason on

    Great show! The Quantum Leap reference was interesting, as that is what the Great Race does, albeit for self serving ends.

    After the Back to School reference, I’m now thinking about Rodney Dangerfield replacing the protagonists in Lovecraft stories. How about a adaptation of the Case of Charles Dexter Ward, with Rodney as Charles and Joseph Curwen?

  • Graf von Altenberg-Ehrenstein on

    Always strikes me funny how the Yiths are regarded as villains (or genocidal assholes that is)by everybody. When I read that bit about their “great bodysnatch” I found that superexciting. They found a way to avoid extinktion and they carry it out. We would do the same! Actually we ARE doing it: Using other specieses for our purpose as we think is fit. Even if that means their end. And for lesser reasons, too. Moreover these guys seem to have a sense of ethics. Their captives are not maltreated in any way.
    Maybe there is even some kind of a Yithian PETA opposing these practices and they `d rally in the Pnakotic Library with all kinds of posters and slogans. Free the humans! or so.
    Maybe not.

  • Jason on

    Well, I mean, they are genocidal. They wiped out at least two species to continue their existence.

    Your citing them treating a few individuals nicely (during the periond when the Yithians had invaded and kidnapped their body) is a pretty lame defense against the notion of them killing millions, if not billions, of intelligent beings.

  • Odilius Vlak on

    Hey guys, you can slow the podcast’s pace as much as you wish. I wouldn’t mind to spend ten episodes to get to the end of this masterpiece.

    You know… looking forward for the 15 of March… the end of lovecraft’s physical life, but not for the end of this wonderful podcast.

  • Chris Durrill on

    May I make a request? Could you maybe, once you run out of Lovecraft’s works, explore the Mythos interpretations of Derleth, Bloch, and others? You mention other stories by Derleth, and it would be fun to see if his and other’s stories fit into Lovecraft’s vision or not. That might extend you guys at least another year!

  • Graf von Altenberg-Ehrenstein on

    Maybe I was a bit unclear but I find it hard to blame to blame the Yithians. With our very existence at stake would we care about the lifes of some bugs?
    And I wanted to point out that the Yiths are quite human, being just as scizo as we are. Treating some lifeforms nicely and whiping others out because they need their habitats. Happens all the time here… That `s why I can `t help liking them in a way. And I `m a firm believer in YETH (Yithians for ethical treatment of humans)…

  • Cambias on

    Here’s a connection nobody has mentioned: is Asenath Waite in “The Thing on the Doorstep” part of a family which has been hosting a Yithian for generations?

  • PRV on

    While physically we are unable to time travel, mentally we are fully capable of going back in time and beyond. I guess our imagination is a type of time machine. I’m really liking this story, cheers on another great show.

  • Marcus Good on

    Relistening, and it’s funny to realise episode 2, “The Tomb” has Quantum Leap discussions.

    But I can also understand the Yithian mass-transferral as being survival. If the human race was going to die out, unless we wiped out another sapient species – wouldn’t we?

  • Brian on

    Justification of genocide, such a fun topic! Lets try this…If you, your entire family, and everyone one you know were going to die tomorrow due to a nuclear weapon launched out of an innocent but unlucky village somewhere outside of your native country, would you bomb that village to dust? Of course you would! Because you like hugs from your mom, kisses from your puppy, and eating dinner tomorrow and really don’t give a damn about someone far away that you can’t connect with.

    Also, great show, I love the asides, and keep the lovecraft love rolling.

  • kyle on

    I’m going to project my consciousness to an alternate future where all content is remixed crossovers of H.P. Lovecraft, Batman, Lou Reed, Edgar Allan Poe, Dracula,HHG2G, and Downton Abbey to avoid the end of this show.

  • Michael on

    Graf –

    Excellent points. The Yiths are basically us. We treat animals and their habitat the same way the Yiths treat other species.

  • Randy Barker on

    Just found this podcast yesterday and I cant stop listening! This great! H.P. was my favorite as a teen and have always loved his writing, you guys do a great job! Thanx!!!!

  • phil on

    Have a good time and a safe trip!

  • Jen on

    Enjoying the story and your runthrough of it. Curious fact about handwriting, though–someone who looses their hands and has to learn how to write holding a pencil in their feet or mouth, once they get used to it they’ll have the same handwriting. Your handwriting has less to do with your hand and more to do with the way you personally shape letters. So, theoretically, someone with tentacles WOULD retain their old handwriting.

  • mike r. on

    Andy Gibb-ering pile of human flesh,
    cause that’s what you’ll be doing on the dance floor.

    that snippet of “Shadow Dancing” was awesome.
    I wonder if the Yithians were great at dance too, Peaslee don’t seem to say …

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