Episode 106 – The Shadow Out of Time – Part 3

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We’re shadowing HPL again, and we’re joined by reader Andrew Leman plus composer Reber Clark!

The opening musical excerpt was us sampling DJ Shadow sampling good ol’ Stan Lee: DJ Shadow’s Theme.

The closing excerpt was a 1920s recording of Me and My Shadow by The Victor Orchestra & Nat Shilkret.

We’ll be back next week to finish up – don’t forget to donate for those readings of The Temple and The Hound!

HPPodcraft Live in Leeds

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  • John on


    Seems to be just the Aborigines’ interpretation of Cthulhu…the name “Buddai” is VERY similar to Buddha, although I will say that Aboriginal mythology would definitely have appealed to Lovecraft, as it has some creatures that would fit right in the Mythos (check out the Hawkesbury River Monster, Muldjewangk, or Rainbow Serpent). It is believed that the worship of the Rainbow Serpent represents the world’s oldest continuous religious tradition.

    Another example of a Lovecraftian invention with a name similar to a real world place is Sarkomand in the Dreamlands, which is possibly inspired by Samarkand, Uzbekistan.

  • Genus Unknown on

    Any chance you’ll address the controversial origins of the name “Pnakotus” as it relates (or not) to this story?

  • Erica on

    I’m extremely jealous of anyone who gets to go to Leeds. Since I’m too broke to stalk, I suppose I’ll just settle for commenting here.

    I suppose one can only freak out over something so much before it becomes unnecessary stress. Shuffleboard sounds like a lovely way to wind down. That’ll take your mind off of being bodyswapped by an alien.

    Also, I’ve always been paranoid about something looking at me through a window. I think that’s why the little story in The Unnameable freaked me out so much. And why the Slender Man mythos has not been kind to my ability to sleep…

  • Greg on

    You got youself checked for Flying Polyps? Good, those are no laughing matter: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWT07iRvI9M

  • John on

    If it is also of interest, there is an extinct Aboriginal language known as Yitha-Yitha-could be where Lovecraft derived the name “Yith” from.

  • PRV on

    Great episode guys, we not only get insight on HPL but we also get some insight on you guys. I had a dream were I was the father of 2 daughters, more than once I dreamt this, very odd. Anyways I’m super jealous of the lucky peeps that will be at the Leeds show, I’m actually taking that day off so I can listen live…Yith, Yith, hooray!!! BTW will you guys film the live show?

  • CBrinton on

    On “Buddai”: Lovecraft’s source was probably the book _Eaglehawk and Crow:
    A Study of the Australian Aborigines, Including an Inquiry into Their Origin and a Survey of Australian Languages_, by John Mathew. (London: David Nutt, 1899).
    “Dr. Lang [footnote: “Queensland, Australia,” p. 379] observes, ‘There are certain traditions among the Aborigines that appear to me to have somewhat of an Asiatic character and aspect. Buddai, or, as it pronounced by the Aborigines towards the mountains of the Moreton Bay district, Budjah (_quasi_ Buddah) they regard as a common ancestor of their race, and describe as an old man of great stature who has been asleep for ages.'” (p. 147)

    The book is available via Google Books:

  • Marcus Good on

    I’d never heard of Buddai as an Aboriginal spiritual figure before; I had wondered if perhaps it was another ‘corruption’ of another name (eg “kangaroo” is most likely a corruption of a word similar to “ganguru”). The only materials seeming to pertain to Buddai are reflected in works on Lovecraft himself. The only one I’ve found so far citing other materials is http://books.google.com.au/books?id=Q-gJK_zagEcC&pg=PA113&lpg=PA113&dq=buddai+aboriginal&source=bl&ots=HNBYKWou0y&sig=8kQJaXf4_9ZtfficHq5H2F8xa5o&hl=en&sa=X&ei=6_1ZT8WMDqWXiQeiidmECw&ved=0CD4Q6AEwAg#v=onepage&q=buddai%20aboriginal&f=false

    The other is http://arrow.latrobe.edu.au:8080/vital/access/manager/Repository/latrobe:24001 but that’s not available online for examination. Any fellow Aussies near Latrobe able to check if this can be looked at more closely?

  • Marcus Good on

    also, SO wishing I could go to the live show, but I’m right down in Western Australia (maybe a day’s drive from the Pilbara itself).

  • Odilius Vlak on

    At this pace our shadows themselves will end up out of time… well, so much the better.
    Hey Chad I agree with you in the choice of this story instead of At the Mountains of Madness; but to me it’s better than The Call of Cthulhu too… for it gives a more detailed explanation of the whole myth.

  • Shoggoth Lord on

    I pray to the Black Goat that the Live Show will be filmed. That would be the perfect early Birthday Gift for Me! ^_^ (My Birthday is April Sixteenth.)

  • CBrinton on

    A bit more on Buddai (from Mathew’s source):

    “Buddai . . . they regard as the common ancestor of their race, and describe as an old man of great stature, who has been lying asleep for ages, with his head leaning on one arm, and the arm buried deep in the sand. A long time ago Buddai awoke and got up, and the whole country was overflowed with water; and when he awakes and gets up again, he will devour all the black men.”
    John Dunmore Lang, _Cooksland in North-Eastern Australia: The Future Cottonfield of Great Britain: Its Characteristics and Capabilities for European Colonization, with a Disquisition on the Origins, Manners, and Customs of the Aborigines_ (London: Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1847), p. 459

  • Graf von Altenberg-Ehrenstein on

    Maybe this was mentioned here before and I missed out on that, but I think SOOT is not so bad a place to point out to the similiarities between Lovecraft `s work and popular Ancient Astronaut theories by Erich v. Däniken, Louis Pauwels and the like. A guy named Jason Colavito wrote a series of articles about that on his website.



    To the Lovecraft aficionado this may be well-known, but it `s still interesting.

  • Reber Clark on

    CBrinton: Thank you so much for the sources. It’s inter-library loan time!

  • The Dunwich Whotsit on

    Man, I wish I could make it to that live show! Please record it guys, for us peasants who can’t make it.
    Best of luck on the night!

  • Phil on

    Please do video the live show … love to see it – also, if there is a flyer (like the image above)for the show available… I’d buy one. Have fun folks!

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