Reading 7 – The Hound

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Hear the call of The Hound with reader Anthony Tedesco!

Recorded at Rocketwerks in Santa Monica, CA. Produced by Chad Fifer.

Thanks to everybody who contributed to make this production possible!

And if you’re in Leeds Sat 7 April, come on down to the Travelling Man Comic store and have Chris and Chad sign your Lovecraft Anthology Vol 2!

Next week: Andrew Leman reads The Temple!

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  • Odilius Vlak on

    Surely this reading will hound my dreams… and I’m looking forward for it.


  • Jeff on

    I am sad that you will soon be at the end of Lovecraft stories to discuss.

    Would you consider continuing the podcast with discussions of Lovecraft-inspired stories? Maybe discuss one anthology at a time (eg: Joshi’s Black Wings) so that listeners could read along?

    Or, maybe discussing other actual Lovecraft material like poems, letters, etc?


  • Jeffrey on

    I really enjoyed it but why was one of the character’s name changed from St. John to Snjon?

  • Genus Unknown on

    Jeffrey: The name “St. John,” when not referring to the actual Saint John or to a city, is usually pronounced something like “Sinjin.” I have no idea why.


  • Chad Fifer on

    We mispronounced it as Saint John when we did the episode covering the show. Luckily, folks let us know and we did it the right way this time:)

  • Marcus Good on

    as an Aussie, and thus a colonial by background, we tend to say it as “snt-john”.

    Which shouldn’t be confused with *snkt*-John. Which describes how Logan deals with clients of hookers.

  • Reber Clark on

    This was great! Anthony was perfect for this. I had no idea about the pronunciation of “St. John”. I suppose if “Worcestershire” is pronounced “Wooster” then I can pronounce “St. John” as it is in this reading. It feels wrong to me, however and I need a little more info as to why this is so. A really great reading! More! More!

  • Reber Clark on

    What is the consensus as to whether the use of “St. John” in this story is a first name or a last name?

  • Marcus Good on

    Reber – I tend to think of it as a surname, which is more common for Lovecraft’s works.

  • Reber Clark on

    Hi Marcus – I thought of it as a surname as well. As I understand things (and I get quite a few things awry) the “sinjin” pronunciation is only for the first (given) name. When I read the story I pronounced it as you stated above “snt-john” thinking it a surname – and I will continue to do so. Oh, it’s the little things, isn’t it? 🙂

  • Phil on

    I really liked Anthony when he first did the episode AND now I love him in the full reading! What a great voice.

    I actually thought that the “Syngyn” pronunciation worked well in this story as they were Decadents – so I imagined they might pronounce words a bit more French and fancy 🙂

  • Reber Clark on

    Good point, Phil.

  • Chris \'Vulpine\' Kalley on

    Nicely done. Made having to do some not so fun work much better.

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  • Bill O on

    Great job again! Loved the sound, too…the baying sound effect made the Hound sound HUGE! Nice touch.

  • taratemima on

    Trivia: Comic book character Pyro’s first name is St. John, pronounced ‘sin-jin’.

    I think I would like a house like the narrator and St. John, albeit avoiding the grave-robbing. OK, would estate sales be considered grave-robbing?

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  • Old Man Parker on

    Aloha Cthulhu Tribe!
    “The Hound” is one of my all time favorite Lovecraft tales… I think, sure it’s WAAY gothic and dripping with classic horror images… but that’s what’s so darned great about it! And, really, I think this is one of the most unique were-wolf/vampire/ghoul creatures I’ve read of. It seems it could also take on a strange cloud-like form, or maybe turn into a swarm of giant bats (?) – Love it! Lovecraft again re-creates the were-wolf/vampire into a whole new and strange monster again in “The Shunned House”… that creature is more ghostly, while this one is rather full on, coffin sleeping, bat and wolf transforming- “Dracula”-ish with a nasty Lovecraftian twist. Dig it!

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  • Ahniya on

    Anthony was so perfect for this ?

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