Episode 108 – The Challenge from Beyond – Part 1

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Weren’t able to make it to the live show in Leeds? Well, now you can hear it in all it’s UNEDITED glory! Join Chris and Chad back on April 4th with guests Andrew Leman, Corin Zero of Zeitgeist Zero, and Paul MacLean of Yog-sothoth.com.

And if you’re in York on 14th of April, come on down to the York Travelling Man and have Chris sign your Lovecraft Anthology: Vol 2 or ANYTHING else!

Next week: The Challenge from Beyond – Part 2!

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  • Marcus Good on

    Wheeee! Been hanging out all week for this!

  • Inner Prop on

    Yeah! Can’t wait to listen

  • Martin on

    It was so much fun! You should do a live-show again, but way longer. Maybe with the option of people asking questions beforehand and such.

  • Cal on

    Fun! But a less echo-y venue would be easier to listen to (or understand).

    You guys rock. Big fan. Cheers!

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  • Mike Davey on

    It wasn’t echoe-y at the time…
    Must be the recording rather than the venue…

  • old rook on

    the Yog Radio broadcast had much clearer audio. Yog must’ve recorded that somewhere. You could ask them for the better recording.

  • BenMech on

    Most of the details of the discussion were lost to ambient noise and distance. But it seems like it would have been a good discussion. Anybody got it on Youtube?

  • Chad Fifer on

    Unfortunately, although the live broadcast was clear, the recording of it didn’t come out well, and so we’re having to use audio from the video recording, hence the roominess. Our intentions were to have a much clearer recording, but it didn’t work out – we’ll have a back up next time! Hopefully most of the discussion is clear!

  • Bob on

    Great stuff guys. Well done, and Thanks!

    Other people have mentioned that the sound quality wasn’t as pristine as usual, but I actually liked that. Added to the vibe, like some sort of audio version of a shaky camera (especially as I could sort of hear some sort of baby occasionally crying in the background, Wilbur Whately style. Spooky 🙂

  • Marcus Good on

    Bob – nobody else heard the baby. Nobody. QED you have ghost babies! ;D

  • Erica on

    Yes, I loved it. I had little problems with the audio, except that my laptop volume only goes up so high and I was too lazy to dig out the computer speakers. XD

    Err, I actually think I heard a baby crying at one point. Do I have ghost babies on my computer too? O_o

  • Graf von Altenberg-Ehrenstein on

    You can say what you want, I hear that kid, too. Maybe Albert is still stuck in that car.
    But as it wasn `t audible in the broadcast it `s possibly just some ill-preserved sound effect.

  • Heather on

    So: is this story a true melding of the geerns? No, they’re both using ancient structures of the English novel that you can see clearly in the first ever English novel (and also the first horror novel) which appeared in the 1500s, _Beware The Cat_ (I published a Lovecraftian tweaking and modernising of it last year). This form of story-telling structure probably goes back even further, into folklore and into the mists of the ancient British Isles. in this story we see an alien overlord defeated by a clever Holmes-like character Did you read the story? Isn’t what’s interesting about Gaiman’s story that it’s completely the other way around?

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