Episode 111 – “Till A’ the Seas,” Collapsing Cosmoses, The Battle that Ended the Century

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We’re back with an H.P. Lovecraft/R.H. Barlow triple threat: The Battle That Ended the CenturyCollapsing Cosmoses and Till A’ the Seas.

Special thanks and Happy 90th Birthday to our brilliant reader, Agnes Coughnaugton!

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We’ll be back next week with The Disinterment!

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  • Sean Liddle on

    Hey.. what does that make us Canadians.. Empirotron Serfbots?

  • Keith McCaffety on

    Oh, come on guys! “Battle” is hilarious! How can you not love the phrase “entangled in sundry viscera??”

    The others are good, too. And all so different from one another.

  • Sam Houston on

    I’d love to get one of those posters, as I was at the show but unable to purchase one. It looks like the Army of Cats store is down though. The horror!

  • Aram on

    Till A’ the Seas reminded me of the part in The Time Machine where the time traveler keeps moving forward to witness the death of the earth, and the horrors he finds. I enjoyed it, despite the bleak subject matter.

  • Matthew on

    Thanks for these. I really enjoyed the reading snippets from “Till A’ the Seas”.

  • Marcus Good on

    I’ve always known the term “dogtrot” to denote a slow, semi-jogging pace that one can keep up for extended periods..

  • Chris Lackey on

    Marcus, me too. I just didn’t want to make Fifer feel bad.

  • Odilius Vlak on

    Damnit!!! What a fucking battle. I would like to see it on a movie. As for Ull… At least he was the only human -in aeons- to rest in peace within a wartery grave.

    Collapsing Cosmoses, took me back to the old good E. E. «Doc» Smith’s stuff.

  • Shoggoth Lord on

    The Disinterment is creepy in an Edgar Allan Poe meets Doctor Victor von Frankenstein kinda way. I think You Guys will like it. Although, I’m personally waiting for “The Diary of Alonzo Typer” and “In the Walls of Eryx”. ^_^ Keep an eye out for a reference to the “Lords of Venus” in Typer. I think it ties the stories together nicely. XD

  • AQuinault on

    In the Walls of Eryx – yes, they really should do that. It’s an amazingly tense, agonizing story.

  • Dan Barber on

    Did they actually cover ‘Collapsing Cosmoses’, or did I miss something?

  • Adam on

    Any chance you will record Chris’ talk on adapting Lovecraft it would be fascinating to hear, perhaps as a special feature?

  • TheRubb1e on

    Nice one guys… but what are the chances we’ll be able to hear the final Lovecraft/Barlow collaboration: The Night Ocean.

    I know that it is more an “Inspired By” then “collaboration with” HPL, but it’s one of the creepiest, most atmospheric mythos tale I’ve ever run across.

    Maybe as a ransom reading?

  • TheRubb1e on

    …and then I realized that this was a new podcast, and lo, I did listen to it, and to my shame and my great delight did I learn my wish was to be fulfilled!

    Thanks guys, it’s kinda spooky, like you’re reading my mind. You’re not using any telepathic welding guns are you?

    Really enjoyed this one, Agnes is an awesome reader, please convey my wishes for a happy 90th to her, and I look forward to her next reading with you guys!

  • papijoe on

    Thought you’d all appreciate this:

    New bisexual species of wasp named after HPL:


  • Graf von Altenberg-Ehrenstein on

    Nice to have you back with something fresh! Been missing that stuff.
    But I have an issue here. I do see that you wanted to get through those joke stories quickly, but Seas would have deserved a more prominent place. It `s such a good apocalyptic story. Really depressing and it just doesn `t fit in with the other too. I found them funny anyway. And the battle in Battle at least is proof, that fungoreia didn `t start with Braindead.
    Once more a big salute to this week `s reader! May she bless her grandchildren and great-grandchildren with that fine reading voice of hers for many years to come!

  • Jason Thompson on

    Another vote for “The Night Ocean”! For a story in which nothing really happens, I really like that one. Very prose-poetic.

    Based on “Till ‘A the Seas”, it’s too bad Lovecraft didn’t write more end-of-the-world stories (besides “Nyarlathotep”). He’s always suggesting the world will *eventually* end when Cthulhu rises or (my favorite) Yog-Sothoth’s buddies “extirpate all animal and vegetable life”, but this is the only story where he actually *shows* us the end of humankind. Given his nihilistic attitude, he could’ve done some good J.G. Ballard-esque apocalyptic novels (well, without the sex). I wonder if the Atomic Age, with its profusion of end-of-the-world stories, would have inspired him if he’d lived to see it.

  • Kevin Hasty on

    Till’A the Seas… didn’t I see that Twilight Zone episode? Seriously, it had the same feel as the Twilight ZOne episode where nuclear war killed everyong but the guy in the library who finally got to read all his book sbecause no one would bother him. Only, what a twist!

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